What I Wore: Summer 10x10 Style Challenge part 1

Friday, July 14, 2017

Ever hear the phrase that Necessity is the mother of Invention? Well, that's the idea behind the 10x10 Style Challenge. You can read more here, but basically, I have 10 items of clothing and must make 10 different outfits to be worn over 10 days. We're still in the middle of it (you can see so many women's creativity with clothing when you check out the Instagram hashtag #summer10x10), but I wanted to document the first few outfits here.

Day One

I am in love with this shirt. Its bliss. Pull out the wedding chimes, I'd marry this thing. Okay, so slight exaggeration but..... when returning to my regular closet postpartum, I felt like all had were black and white basics. This felt like a vibrant recharge to my closet. Plus, The overall boxy fit feels forgiving and  also counterbalances the subtle, open back. Such a strong color makes for a surprisingly good canvas too. I can pair it with all sorts of other, strong colors. Here, I pulled out some oldies-but-goodies from my closet. I got the belt the same Christmas Amos proposed, and the necklace from the first ever Popbasic box (So hoping they are coming back as a brand- both because I love their items but also the creator seems so nice!) For a long time the chunky, loudness of the necklace didn't seem like me at all. But Ellis loves to touch the beads; he's very gentle with them, actually, and somehow they are me. Its why I feel conflicted over the advice to throw out things you aren't currently wearing. I hate clutter but sometimes you go through seasons and will return to items again.

These shorts are one of two pairs in my ten items. It is supposed to be above ninety degrees every day this week and next!  Blegh!

Day Two

For such a novel a novelty print, this skirt has been a surprising workhorse in my closet. Still, I wasn't sure how skirts fit into my life with a baby. Have you met a baby? They are messy! They are everywhere. You're on the floor with them, then in the chair, then at the changing dresser, then in a bath, then.... You gotta be able to move in your clothes, and you gotta be able to get messy. So one of the things I hoped to learn with this challenge was how a skirt could fit into my life now. 

....Buuuuut for this first (and second. More on that in a moment) outing, I actually didn't really put it to that particular test. Ellis was at the sitter's most of this day. Amos worked this weekend, so as a trade off, he took off the morning and we went on a date! To finish off a pretty daytime date look, I paired it with this striped button-up (anyone else notice the abundance of striped button ups this season? Not sure how it came about but I love it. By far my favorite trend this summer!)

Day 3

Day Three, in which I wore basically the same outfit again, for basically the same reasons. Ellis was at the sitter's while Amos took me out to lunch. This sounds like we go on dates all the time. #SoBlessed, right? Well, certainly I love my life, but, lest someone gets down in the online comparison game, this is not generally the case. We work to make time for each other, and work with our sitter's schedule. She wisely suggested that Ellis come to her at least some days (we pay for his enrollment in the daycare, not by the hour, though knowing I had summers off, she gives a discount during the summer months), so that come the fall, if I return to work, he won't be fearful of these "strangers." Daycare is really its own post, so no more on that now. What you really want to hear about is the outfit, right? 

This pink striped shirt delighted me when I first saw it making the rounds (Thismomsgonnasnap wears it so wonderfully. So goes Poor Little It Girl) on blogs. It reminds me of the umbrellas lining the beaches in Nice and the Italian Riviera, which in turn reminds me of the summer I spent there teaching English. Don't you love clothes that make you think of happy thoughts? It wasn't originally going to be in the 10x10, but with this heat, I needed more tops, so swapped out a pair of shorts for this shirt.  The only downside to the shirt is the fact that the thing is linen and therefore wrinkles if you so much as glance at it. Still, the heart loves what it loves and I bought it. Probably could have waited a month; a variation of this pink stripe has popped up in stores of every level from Madewell to Old Navy. 

Even though it is basically the same as the Day Two outfit, I love this one because the pairing of pink and orange is unexpected- but unexpectedly works. Maybe because pink stripes and oranges both remind me of the Mediterranean Sea? 

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  1. Love the red boxy top, and that skirt is so perfect for date night!

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