Ellis at 7 months

Monday, August 21, 2017


He is over 27" long and weighs more than 20 lbs! Whew, this mama is getting a workout nowadays, carrying this little chunk of adorableness! 


Can one be easy-going and high-maintenance at the same time? Most of the time, Ellis is getting more and more laidback. He handles being in public at stores or restaurants well- even waiting rooms! In fact, our curious one loves going to see all the people and things in public spaces. He is interacting with strangers more (and this little guy's cheeks bring ALL the ladies to the yard!) and can even smile and flirt a bit. He's also becoming more and more independent, quite content to sit and play by himself for chunks of time, while I potter about with housework or whatnot. But, when he's had enough, he's not one to pussyfoot around letting you know. He's still got a good set of lungs!


He sits like a  champ and does tummy time for long stretches. He's even rolled over a time or three, but doesn't seem to have it down pat. He is, however, an expert at picking things up, both grabbing and with a pincer grip. He enjoys taking apart his block rocket and grabbing tags on stuffed animals (note: He is only interested in real tags- none of this random, decorational tag-nonsense some baby toys have. He'll work to look at the words on the tag.  It looks just like he's stretching out the tag to read the cleaning instructions on all his stuffed toys!)

Just this past week, he also has taken to saying "Muh-ma!" Mostly when crying, or when reaching for me. Not entirely sure he knows it as a specific word, but it thrills me nonetheless! He also delights to hear his name, and definitely knows "Ellis" refers to him. He also enjoys the joke of fake coughing. He giggles when we pretend to cough, but he especially loves to make the most fake sounding "coff coff" ever, and watching our reactions. A little jokester! 


Pretty sure he wants to be a puppy when he grows up. They are still The Most Important Things in Any Room Ever. He still loves reading, and has started reaching for the books, if he thinks Mommy is taking too long to grab them. Still loves to watch other babies and small children. Still loving on his bears, and adoring his grandpas (though both grandmas now also garner many smiles as well). Still needing many daily stroller walks.

New things he loves this month are: playing peek-a-boo; having Mommy make his hands clap; and being held upside down. In fact, he'll try to maneuver himself into positions where he can see the world upside down, squirming around till his head hangs off your lap!


He has eaten: Pureed apples, bananas, pears,  and sweet peas, as well as baby cereal. Apples and pears are his favorites. He seems to enjoy it, though it takes him a bit to warm up to the idea. The first two bites or so, he always has this horribly disgusted look on his face, but then he starts opening his mouth wide for the spoon, so he want more.


He's sleeping through the night sometimes and waking generally just once otherwise. We've been playing with dropping our third nap, since he flat out refuses to sleep for it. He would lay in the room, sometimes quite quietly, but wouldn't sleep. So, essentially, from about 2:30 on, he was wide awake and then becoming a little monster at around 5:30. Since his bedtime is already quite early (we start our routine at 6:30 and he's generally tucked in to sleep by 7:00), moving the bedtime up further seemed like a bad plan. We'll let you know in a month how this two-naps business is really working.


Ellis is a daycare delinquent; our care provider kicked him out! Well, that's not strictly accurate. With fifteen other little people to care for, we were aware that Ellis wasn't really getting the attention or routine he thrived on. The behavior and crying they described seemed like another child (while Ellis has always had a loud cry, and while he likes to cuddle, he was never one who needed to be held constantly. Yet at daycare, that was the only way they would get any reprieve). For a day or two after daycare (he went part time during the summer), he would be less predictable, and more clingy. It was not a good fit- for her, for him, or for us.Though we appreciated her help and insights, we had already come to the conclusion that we would seek other options, and as other things unfolded, it just felt like perhaps my staying at home with Ellis seemed the right decision. Being a Stay at Home Mom was never anything I'd even considered, but since my teaching position has been rifted  during budget cuts, and various other things happened.... we considered it, perhaps for the first time. And as we considered it, it felt more natural and right.

Its early days yet. School is just starting back. Normally, at this time, it would feel like the start of a new year with new students, new lesson ideas, and new enthusiasm. I would have been spending the past month slowly getting my classroom in order. Yet, I find I don't miss it. I'm looking forward to all the plans we've made for me and Ellis in the upcoming months, to seeing him grow and change. I often tease him that he is my "biggest little man" or the "littlest big guy" because he is at once my little baby and this little person who is growing and changing and maturing so fast. Can't miss out on that.

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