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Friday, August 18, 2017


(PS I got this list from Meet Me Mike's via This Mom's Gonna Snap)

Making: a Poshmark Seller's Page! Come see what I have for sale.

Cooking : Not enough. Luckily, Amos is tops at it.

Drinking : Tea. Always.

Reading: The Three Musketeers. Or trying to, anyway. Rereading Paris to the Moon.

Wanting: a new eyeglasses.

Looking: at how homes get good curb appeal (all our plans for next summer!)

Deciding: To be a Stay at Home Mom this year (more on this later)

Wishing: for more friends, or for more to live closer

Enjoying: Our daily morning walks, Ellis, the dogs and I.

Waiting: to get purchase a yearly membership to the museum. Seems like a good place to walk Ellis
on bad weather days.

Liking: My parents living so close, so we can "go to Grandma and Grandpa's!" (Not sure who loves it more- Ellis, the dogs, or me!)

Wondering: What joining a Mom's Group will be like.

Loving: My boy, Ellis, and this precious time. How is he already six- almost seven- months old?!

Pondering: Whether I want to continue bullet journaling

Listening: The Podcast,  How I Built This

Buying: Curtains, shower mats, and other household items adults have to consider.

Watching: Game of Thrones (usually a few days later though!)

Hoping: That this decision to stay home brings a season of enrichment to our lives.

Marvelling: At how Ellis' personality blooms and grows each day. He's more a person each moment.

Cringing: at the lack of empathy so many display in politics today.

Needing: to start getting to bed at a better time!

Questioning: whether Ellis is dropping his third nap or not, and how to transition to that more

Smelling: diapers all too often, lol.

Wearing: my grey jeans, whenever it is cool enough. The weather thinks it's autumn already.

Following: some really great bloggers. See the links below!

Thinking: constantly about the events of this weekend, just trying to listen to those whose voices are too often not heard. 

Admiring: my husband, who is always so busy, but always helps those who need it

Getting: a new purse! So excited to get it and be organized!

Bookmarking: All those links I'm sharing below ;)

Disliking: The one-sided nature of our town, and inability to even have discourse openly without people being in danger of losing out on jobs, business, or being harassed.

Opening: The dishwasher to put things away, finally.

Feeling: disgusted and horrified at the openness with which White Supremacy is flaunted in our society, but more horrified by the casual racism of those who don't see what the big deal is, who think this would all go away if only people hadn't taken down statues. It is not about statues. It is about race.

Hearing: The wind in the trees and occasional traffic.

Celebrating: my 32nd birthday at the end of the month!

Embracing: motherhood


8 ways to help after Charlottesville 

And she's just sixteen! On behalf of diabetics everywhere- thank you.

Things to do to save you money. Would you try these tips?

Elana is The Best- seriously, you will not meet a sweeter person, but she got even better with her real talk about identity and clothing. 

Une Femme d'un Certain Age asks, when does the pursuit of originality in style compromise your authenticity? 

Hope you've been enjoying Game of Thrones as much as we have. Even if you aren't fans though, you must check out this Tapestry of the show, done using traditional Irish methods.

Don't Wait for Permission- great outfit and even better advice from Nicole

Coder Chick has tutorials to help get anyone started coding (and, #humblebrag- Coder Chick is my sister!)

It's more than just the black version of "Friends" 

This Mom's Gonna Snap is spouting truth once again- We Are All Parents in Training

For my fellow history lovers (or, considering today's political issues, lovers of parallels)- a video of Europe's changing boundaries

Did you all know about Amazon's new fashion services? Have you tried them? What do we think? 

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  1. I haven't read The Three Musketeers, but I love the 90's Disney movie :)

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