Month in Review: August 2017

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer Outfits

I finally started part with two regular outfit posts this month! Plus, a new series debuted called, 3 Ways, where each month, I'll share three ways I styled the same item. Think of it a bit like those old school posts on remixes, but with a bit more intention to it.

P.S. Anyone else miss seeing other bloggers' remix posts? Here's some of mine.

Summer Plans
This month Ellis turned 7 months, which is a delightful age! More experienced mothers tell me its the sweet spot; they can talk and jabber and laugh, but aren't mobile yet, so can't get into trouble. It was also a good month to try out many of the things on this month's Why Don't You list. We had oodles of visitors for the eclipse (Wyoming was in the Path of Totality! Were you? ) and, you could catch up with the rest of life in this post. We tackled the classics with a Sound of Music film review, and Th e Three Musketeers for this month's Dog Eared Page.

For more serious reading, why don't you walk in someone else's shoes, and read these two posts(here and here) by a guest writer? They chronicle her experiences as an egg donor for people trying to become pregnant. Fascinating! 

Summer Finds

A woman explains the Google Manifesto

An interesting safety tip that is unexpectedly (sadly) relevant

Would you use this to help your clothing budget? (Also- have you tried shopping/selling on Poshmark yet?)

I love How I built this- and these three women are my favorite interviews. Hear from the creator of Spanx (the richest woman in the world!!!); Kate Spade of Kate Spade, and the woman who created Rent the Runway. Yes, all are about fashion, but really are about women in entrepreneurship and overcoming.  

Would you buy oysters from a vending machine?

The evolution of color names

Melinda Gates on parenting and screens. Thought-provoking. Plus, The American Academy of Pediatrics has tools to help you build a family media plan. Who knew?!

Take better care of your clothes with these tips

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