What I Wore: When the World was my Oyster

Friday, August 11, 2017

Do you ever adore something while wearing it, but looking in the mirror or a picture is a different story? Oh, I was in love with this outfit while wearing it. It was unseasonably cool, and we were going out of town the day, just the two of us. An all-day sort of date! So this is full of things that are not as baby friendly, but are flirty little details. The pearl and sweater combo that is classic and yet a pun to smile at, and the unexpected color pairing of blue and emerald green delights. With a ponytail added in, I felt a bit like the original Barbie Doll.

Looking at it now, some of the glamour is worn off. The skirt is naturally so voluminous that it can make me look much bigger than I am if it isn't paired with something sleek on top. Sure enough, this sweater would be pushed up by the skirt and thicken my waist. In some pictures the collar would get askew and that little detail would take the outfit from quirky-yet-elegant to messy-more-is-more.


So, maybe I had to tug at the collar more often than I might normally throughout the day, and maybe old cowboys would wonder what my big skirt was doing all dressed up on a Wednesday morning, but - that doesn't matter. I felt fun, and playful, and happy wearing it. It is still a lovely outfit, but it is even more so for how it makes me feel.

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  1. I love this outfit! It's feminine without being frilly. Nicely done.

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