What I Wore: To Get Away From It All

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

There are things you hated as a kid that are wonderful as an adult. In this case- birthdays over holidays. As a kid, no one was ever around for a birthday party (inser the "wah-wah" noise from those Charlie Brown cartoons), but as an adult, you can get away for a little birthday celebration! Such was the case this past Labor Day weekend! My husband surprised with a trip! Hooray- right? 

Oh. Wait. We have a seven month old who's never travelled overnight (bring back that wah-wah noise!)

Our trip was actually really lovely. We didn't go far- only to a town that normally would be a day trip. To make it more special (and save the ears of any fellow travelers should someone get fussy), we  booked an Airbnb on the notion that being further away from neighbors would help. The place was an enchanting little cottage nestled away in the hills, with greenery I didn't think existed in Eastern Montana. We ate out at a restaurant, walked about an event downtown and our little man was loving it.  

He has been loving new things, but this turned out to be a double edged sword. Because what else was new? Oh, the travel crib. And the room he was supposed to sleep in. And the whole idea of sleeping somewhere else. It wasn't that he was ill behaved (Well, I don't think babies this young can really be blamed for their actions, but y'know- behaving in ways we would prefer he didn't). He just- Wouldn't. Sleep. 

At all. 

We came home that night, in the end. Ah, well. Lesson learned there. We will stick to daytrips for know and work on overnight trips in more manageable steps. And, hey, at least I got to wear clothes I loved to eat out with my two favorite men. That's the real gift, right? 

P.S. Other ways I've worn this skirt here, and here. 

P.P.S. Here's a birthday gift: share a parenting fail you lived and learned from down in the comments. We can always laugh at things afterwards. Can I get an amen? 


  1. Too bad he wouldn't sleep. But, wearing cute clothes and going out with your guys is nice :)

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  2. Pretty scenery! Hope the daytime made up for the nighttime.

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    1. We did enjoy the daytime and learned a lot from the nighttime, for sure! (I maaaay have wanted to come visit you soonish and now we might need to connect with you about a more realistic time....)


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