Stationery Wishlist: A Few of My Favorite Things

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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1. Princess Bride Pencils | 2. Camera Tape Dispenser | 3. Glasses Notecard | 4. Bicycle Paperclips | 5. Whale Stapler | 6. Record Notecards

1. Princess Bride Pencils - Bring some romance into your life! Not only are these perfect springtime colors, but quotes from The Princess Bride are on them. You want them? As you wish! 

2. Camera Tape Dispenser - What blogger doesn't have a love of cameras, especially one hailing from a family of photographers? This tape dispenser perfectly pays homage to that part of my life. 

3. Glasses Notecard- If you've even glanced at my logo, you know I like glasses. Add in some preppy colors and I'm all the more sold! 

4. Bicycle Paperclips- Who doesn't love breaking out their bike after a long winter? For the hours at your desk, when you wish you were pedaling away, there's these. 

5. Whale Stapler- Now, I'm no Ishmael, but you don't have to be  to love this playfully shaped whale stapler. 

6. Record Notecards- While I'm all for the digital age, something about vinyl brings back nostalgia. Pass along those memories with these notecards. 


  1. EEK! All of these things are fantastic, but the Princess Bride pencils are my favorite! How incredibly fun. As I was just telling my husband last night, as a teacher I have this love for office supplies that cannot be explained. I don't know what it is but they tickle me. Plus that camera tape dispenser is just fun. I need that sitting on my desk!

  2. Those note cards are brilliant.


  3. I am loving the pencils, SO CUTE and I want to get them as a gift for my friend! And now I want that tape dispenser for my new office!!! :)

    1. You should get them for your friend. I hope they like them :D

  4. The camera tape dispenser is SO cute! I wouldn't mind having that one my desk :) My stationary is very plain. I love the items you selected! xo

  5. Such a gorgeous list! I love everything here but especially those cute pencils. :)

  6. the princess bride pencils are so amazing! any of these things would make me excited to sit down and write :)

    xo marlen
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