What I Wore: Black and White

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

black, white, outfit, winter outfit, sweater, dress, popbasic,
Black, white, sweater, popbasic, white dress, winter outfit,

What I Wore: Sweater (ASOS), Dress (Modcloth; Similar Here), Tights (Target), Boots (Crown Vintage), Necklace (c/o Popbasic)

My wardrobe has really been tending towards the monochrome and black and white looks lately. Not sure if its because it is winter, or if it due to my work wardrobe mostly being in neutral tones, but... I'm embracing it. There's just something about gray days that make the clean and simple looks of black and white outfits feel so right. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I can wear this necklace with these colors and have a subtle piece make a stand-out statement. It's another Popbasic piece and its funny- I wasn't sure I was going to like the necklace all that much, but, as usual, the piece I was most unsure of from Popbasic become my most worn out of a collection!

I wore this up to Billings to do some shopping. Not sure if it was the holiday shoppers or if I'd just forgotten how stressful shopping in Brick and Motor Stores is but... man, oh, man. Thanking goodness I live in the age of the internet. I maaaay have ended up doing all our shopping there instead, rather than face the masses again. Still, we also got to have a lovely brunch and walked the dogs around the park in bracing-but-not-too-chilly weather. A subdued but lovely day.


  1. I love the mix of neutrals and the textures of each piece make it even more interesting. Yeah- I cannot deal with the crowds and it gets worse as I get more used to online shopping. We went to Target Sunday and I made the definitive decision only online shopping until after new years :)

  2. I love black and white, although I don't wear the combo very often. The necklace is really pretty and looks like it could be worn with many different outfits :)

  3. Yes definitely embrace the black and whites! They make great outfits like yours! This is one of my favorites I have seen on your blog :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  4. Simple and chic. Perfect shoes <3

    - Anna


  5. So sweet! Can't go wrong with black and white


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