Welcome; I'm Kristian, the blogger behind  Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). On this site you'll find classic inspiration. For your wardrobe. For your life.

Dus1Collage.jpg I typically blog about about mail, movies and personal style, as well as life style inspiration with my monthly Why Don't You List, Q+A Column, and the Dog-eared Page. You can keep up with Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style) using readers like bloglovin or using an RSS feed. We are also on TwitterFlipboard, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Follow along!

Also feel free to contact me via social media or by email at withoutastyle(at)gmail(dot)com

NFDAbout Here's a little about myself: I live in Wyoming (yes, people really do live here!). The Boy and I got married this Summer. (Looking for wedding related content? Our Retro-inspired Big Day is this way!)  The Boy's name is Amos, and you can find out a bit more about him here. He is kind of the reason I started the blog. I'd been following different style blogs for about a year or so when The Boy and I met. After he started teasing me -- asking why I didn't start a blog too -- it occurred to me that that would be a good way to join in the fun. The Boy got his just desserts though because he ended up being my photographer. Lessons to be learned? Be careful what you tease about! Seriously though, any uncredited photos are taken by either him, or myself. 

I also am part of a clothes swapping community and collective style blog, Flock Together. We "swap" or borrow clothing items and then blog about it both on Flock Together and our individual blogs as well. You can follow Flock Together's blog,  Twitter feed, and Facebook.

I currently substitute teach and am licensed for elementary education. Due to the sensitive nature of working with children and keeping their privacy, I will not talk much about my job while on the blog. Thank you for your understanding.

Lastly, this is a For-Profit Blog. This means I will, from time to time, work with brands, whether in reviewing products or in other ways. I will always notify readers if an item was gifted or a post sponsored, but please know that- sponsored or not- any opinion expressed about a company is honest and my own. I also use a program called Skimlinks, which will automatically connect eligible links to affiliate programs; basically, if you click a link it goes where you think it will, but I might make a penny or two. Because the program does this automatically, even I do not know which links run through affiliate programs. If you feel uncomfortable supporting Never Fully Dressed in this way, you can install a cookie to block the use of Skimlinks running on your computer (see their site for how), or can merely hover to see the URL. Thank you for your support.

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