Signs And Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

The testosterone sex hormone is present to both men and women. Men have it more than women, which is why a product like Male Ultracore works so well fo increasing testosterone levels. Testosterone is important in bone development, hair growth, sperm production, and deepening of the voice.

Because testosterone declines with age, older men are more susceptible to the symptoms associated with low testosterone. However, younger men may encounter the problem when their symptoms are lifestyle related. It’s then important to have enough knowledge about the signs and symptoms to know the first steps to take should you encounter this problem.

Difficulty having an erection

Low testosterone may result in feelings of fatigue, mood changes, and difficulty having or maintaining erections. Testosterone is needed to stimulate the penile tissue in producing nitric oxide that can lead to an erection. When the testosterone is too low, getting an erection is difficult.

Losing hair

Hair loss that comes with age affects both men and women alike. In a study, women who received treatments for symptoms of sex hormone deficiency through testosterone implant were able to regrow their hair.

Reduced bone mass

Because testosterone aids in the production of bone tissue and bone volume maintenance, a low level of it can lead to a reduction in this volume making you more susceptible to bone related problems like fractures and others.

Reduced testicle size

Men who have low testosterone levels may find their testicles reduced in size. They may also find their scrotum to be unusually softer.

Reduced amount of semen

Semen is the male’s reproductive fluid that contains spermatozoa and fertilizes the female ova. Testosterone stimulates the production of semen. When there’s a decrease in testosterone, fertility problems arise.

Trouble sleeping

Low testosterone levels are associated with sleep. Sleep apnea reduces the quantity and quality of sleep, which prevents the ability of the body to produce testosterone.

There are many remedies to increase testosterone. One of them is taking natural testosterone enhancement supplements that provide nutrition and help men ease their sexual problems.