What I Wore: On the Backroads and Byways

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Golden SkirtGoldskirt1CollageGolden SkirtGoldenskirt2CollageGolden Skirt

What I Wore: Tank Top (Forever 21), Sweater (Old Navy, Old), Skirt (Forever 21 borrowed from Ashley via Flock Together), Boots (Gift), Scarf (American Eagle), Hat (Target), Necklace (Stitched and Adorned)

I love this skirt. In fact, my feelings are such that I 'll say it again-  I LOVE this skirt! The rich color fits autumn perfectly. The length is versatile-  it could be dressed up for work or slouchy (like here) for casual adventures. And the way it whispers against your legs as you move- lovely, all of it. Sadly, for me, its going back to its owner, Ashley of Southern California Belle, today. Thanks for letting me borrow it, Ashley!

We stopped at a roadside picnic area to take these shots while exploring some of the backroads and small towns of Montana. It's one of our goals this winter to have more adventures even while staying close to home by exploring some of the small towns (just for reference here, by small I mean towns under 2,000....more likely under 1,000 in most cases). You never know what you'll find- a giant statue made out of old gas pumps? A packed room listening to a bluegrass band? The world's best milkshakes? Sometimes you just find a whole lotta nothing, but sometimes there are hidden gems on the backwater roads.


  1. I agree, the skirt is adorable-love the shade of it! You took incredible photos-leaves in the water look beautiful!

  2. "backwater roeads" now, I like those words ^^ And I also like this outfit :) marigold is my fave colour for this season. I've been wearing it waaaaay to much lately, haha :) xo Nikki

  3. I love the location of these photos! I am also loving the color of your skirt! I really want either mustard pants or skirt :)


  4. Ah the skirt does look super pretty, comfy, and versatile! And the color is amazing as well. I love your exploring small towns goal Rob and I go through swings of doing the same! Small towns have the best random things in antique stores I think. I find it especially important to try to do these little outings when it gets colder and is just tempting to sit huddled in front of the tv all day!

  5. another beautiful set of photos, you look amazing!!!

  6. these colors on you! i'm in love! and that skirt is great - i don't think i have seen it on ashley yet, i'llhave to check it out

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. I love the "fall version" of this skirt! You look comfy and gorgeous at the same time <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. The skirt is a lot of fun and perfect for fall. I really need some mustard yellow items in my wardrobe.

  9. I love this skirt! You both wore it so beautifully.

  10. The color of this skirt is so pretty for autumn!! xo

  11. You just have that old world class about you always. I love how the wind is blowing the scarf- It looks like you could be on an old movie poster! Loving how you styled the skirt with boots. So very great for the chilly weather!

  12. Totally love this skirt too! I wanna borrow it too! Lol. You make it look so good, I love the sweater you paired with it.

  13. That skirt is so pretty, not sure I'd have the will to give it back! ;)

  14. That skirt is so gorgeous & I love you made a casual and comfy look but somehow very elegant still. perfect fall pictures too, those woods look amazing!!

  15. I really love how you make all these pieces work together!


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