Month in Review: June 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

Plans for Summer
Things have been scarce here on the blog, but I did get to share a favorite book and a favorite film. Plus, I talked about motherhood and fashion, while Our Boy Ellis turned 5 months! If you are looking for some fun summer ideas, why don't you.... try one of the ideas from this month's Why Don't You list?

Links for Summer
How to Raise a Feminist Boy  (NYT)+ Talking to Boys like We Talk to Girl 
Tattoo Biosensors could help diabetics monitor their glucose levels and manage their disease! 
Google and Microsoft want to know if nude photos of you have been posted without your consen
How a machine made the Next Rembrandt  
Instead of watching (okay in addition to watching) Pride and Prejudice again here are 7 British costume dramas you don't know (but probably should!)  
Since the pipeline has already spilled oil, here's some updates on the Standing Rock litigation  
On a lighter note, the Wonder Woman film wasn't just great for representation of women, but for Native Americans too.  
3 women on aging (such good advice!)  
Envisioning the (interiour of) the car of the future (NYT) 
The place where letters to Hillary Clinton go 

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  1. Those sandals are so cute, and I love the list of period dramas :)

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