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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

With Christmas around the corner, gifting-giving and merriment are too. Over the next few weeks,  Never Fully Dressed  will be hosting several great guest posters who are here to share some gift guides for the loved ones in your life. Dus of Cuddly Cacti brings you the third installment of the series- a gift guide for that special lady in your life-Mom! 

Hello readers of Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style)! I'm Dus and I blog over at Cuddly Cacti. I have to admit that I’m kind of an awkward person to be posting a gift guide; honestly I usually get gifts very last minute and haven’t gotten a single Christmas gift yet! But really, I LOVE giving gifts and will often give them for no occasion other than I come across (usually thrifting) something I know a good friend or family member would love.

 Kristian asked a couple of the the Flock Together gals if we'd be willing to post a gift guide, and I was just going to ask her if mine could be for moms when I saw her email asking just that! And no I’m not a mom in case you were wondering, but I do love spoiling my mom because she never spoils herself and truly deserves to every single day! My mom has very casual, low-maintenance style, so getting clothes for her is nearly impossible, so here's a couple things I might get her (as soon as finals are over : ). If your mom is anything like mine here’s what I’d recommend:

 1) First and foremost, something you make yourself! Now that we're not in elementary school, she won't pretend to love any awful thing we make, but this little tutorial by Lemon Jitters is so simple that even I couldn't mess it up! And it's adorable and my mom already does that exact up-do every weekend, so now that I told you all I’ll have to finally give it a try : ).

  hair comb redo

2) Classic-looking jewelry pieces! For my mom I stay away from super bright items because I know she’d doubt it looking good on her, but I think the beautiful natural stones on this bracelet handmade by Teal Annie would be perfect. teal annie

 3) Pictures! What mom doesn’t love a memory book of good times with her children? Last Christmas I meant to make mine a photobook of when she visited my hubs and I in Mexico the previous year, but obviously that did not happen. Shutterfly seems to actually have some really affordable prices though, and I'm always getting email coupons from them from even better offers. photosbook

 4) Natural beauty products! My mom always loves scented bath salts and lotions as gifts, but what I really think I’ll get her this year is this lip balm from The Gnarly Whale – definitely can't forget to moisturize the smoochers in winter time! And not because of actual smooching... that's an awkward thought.
  gnarly whale 

5) Something to keep warm with! My mom is totally the original hipster when it comes to beanies, she's been wearing little crochet ones far down on her head for as long as I can remember, and I know she’d love the bright colors in this beanie (made by Holly Knitlightly) for her winter walks! (I should add that we live in Phoenix so we try to walk a lot in winter. : ) holly

 6) A trip somewhere she’s always wanted to go. For my mom that would be Hawaii, although we're still trying to sell her on the idea before my hub's internship at an airline ends in January. And, since I know most don't have this huge fortunate of flight benefits, so what about a trip somewhere nearby that she's always wanted to see but never gotten around to? My mom's not a big fan of being on the computer outside of work, so I always think it'd be a blast to book hotels and plan a whole travel itinerary for her. hawaii

(All pictures are taken from the sites I link to except the last, which is from my blog.) 

 I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide, and please do share with me over on my blog any other ideas you have, for mothers or for anyone else special in your life! Thanks so much for letting me fill in for you for the day Kristian, and don't forget to support local shops this year and not stress over the little things this year everyone. I hope your season is off to a wonderful start!

P.S. Still needing some Christmas shopping inspiration  Try our Gift Guide for Guys or our Gift Guide for Girls. 


  1. Love the hair comb idea (for myself too!) And totally agree with all of these! I am going the photobook route this year too I think (but shhh dont tell!) Lovely gift guide!

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  2. I definitely love everything here for myself too ...hehe. The Shutterfly book is such a genius idea though for mom's that are hard to shop, my mother-in-law. As much as I love her, she doesn't seem to use/like anything the hubs and I ever buy her except for picture frames (which gets old time after time). After reading this and checking out the Shutterfly site - I just decided to put together a calendar for her :) Thanks for the tip Kristian! xo

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    1. The photobook is a brilliant idea, but it is actually Dus' idea. She wrote this great gift guide for me! :) Hope your mother-in-law likes the calender.

    2. Thanks girls! So glad I could give you an idea Marisa! my hubs and I got my mom a calendar from Shutterfly last Christmas I think and she loved it so much!

  3. Ahaan girls ! i am thinking to go market and buy something for mother then may my mother happy from me seen that gift which for her.

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