What I Wore: To the Ball

Monday, December 17, 2012

Evening Gown EveningGown2Collage EveningGown1Collage Evening Gown

What I Wore: Shoes (Madden via Famous Footwear), Evening Gown (Sung Boutique)

This past weekend we got into our finest finery and like Cinderella and her fella headed to a ball!

The Boy and I take dance lessons provided by our local Eagles Club. Each Christmas, larger dance studios up in Billings (the nearest actual city) put on Christmas Balls, that we're encouraged to attend. Wait- pretty dresses, live music, and The Boy wanting to dance the night away? Uh-huh- lots of encouragement needed there!

I love the Old Hollywood Glamour this evening gown seems to exude. It's actually quite daring with a lot of skin, but the cut keeps it classy. I purchased this online from Sung Boutique and it fit like a glove. Sung Boutique actually has a ton of gorgeous gowns, most priced under a hundred and fifty, many under a hundred! Besides this one, one of my favorites was a gown that looked like the one Rosemary Clooney wears in White Christmas.

We almost didn't stop for photos; we were so busy dancing the night away! In fact, we managed to dance the Waltz, the Country Two-Step, the Single Lindy, the Cha-cha, the Foxtrot, the Merengue, and the Bolero! Our feet were aching by the end of the evening, but it was so much fun!

Do any of you dance?

P.S. This evening gown has made it on the blog once before too! 


  1. Very pretty! Love the back of the dress :)

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  2. oh you are looking all kinds of glamorous! I think that vixen red really does make it look "Old Hollywood", and how fun that you actually got to go to a real ball. I'd love to go to something like that- I'd get to live out all my childhood princess dreams ;)

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  3. Oh goodness, I have always wanted to take dance lessons! It is one of my life goals actually, I love to dance. You look stunning! The red is really perfect on you and what a gorgeous pair you are! How fun to don a fancy dress like that for a fancy evening. Love it.

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  4. ooooh, you look like you came straight out of one of the movies you often review here on Without A Style :) I love this red gown on you :) what is it about brunettes and red? so pretty! I'm also happy to hear you had an active evening on the dancefloor ;) hey, mind learning me a few steps if I ever make it to the US again? haha! x

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  5. You look so pretty and classy! This sounds like an amazing night! I love the cut of the back of your dress, definitely going to have to browse the pretty dresses at that boutique!!!

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  6. beautiful!!! The red classy gown suits you so well. What an adorable couple, I bet you guys are so much fun to watch dance, make us a video :)

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  7. Wow! That dress is STUNNING! you both look fantastic!


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  8. You look nothing short of a movie star, stunning dress!


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  9. aww you look gorgeous and elegant in that dress- such a great color and cut on you! I love your fancy hair up do too and extra love the sweet pic of you and "the boy" : ) how awesome you two went to a ball and that you take dance lessons together, def something J & I have planned for someday when we're no longer studying. You two are so cute and such an inspiration to plan more fun activities together w/ my man!

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  10. what a beautiful dress you have there!!

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  11. Geez I wish I could dance! I want to go to a ball and get all gussied up like you!


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  12. Wow how glamourous! I wish my hubby would take dance classes with me! That sounds like so much fun! Ive always secretly wanted to go to a ball.

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  13. wow what a dress!!! Looks so pretty!!!! awesome!!! Maybe we follow each other !? Let me know , follow me & i´ll follow back :) Many greetings www.yuliekendra.com

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  14. Whatta dress! You look like Jessica Rabbit! It's awesome

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

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  15. Pretty all around, but I love the back the best!

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