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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So by now, I'm sure everyone and their brother has heard that Google Reader is going away. Since I know many of you seem to subscribe on Google Friends Connect, remember, GFC is NOT currently going away. However, if you do use Google Reader, or if you are just looking for fast and  efficient  ways to follow blogs you love, let's take a moment to talk about some of these great ways to follow Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). 



This is the site I personally use to follow blogs. You can organize the blogs into lists, get both a visual and written teaser as to what the entries are about, and you can mark posts as read/unread, which means unread posts are at the top of your feed. Super easy and visually pleasing to use and organize. 

You can follow NFD on BlogLovin' here or click the link in the side bar. 


While I don't (currently) use this, if you have been using Google Reader, this might be the thing for you. They will import all your feeds and bookmarks etc from Google Reader, if needed, or you can start adding things you wish to track from their site. You can access Feedly online, on your desktop,  with iDevices such as iPads and iPhones, with Android devices and, with Kindles.  All of these will  sync up. The display is very visual and  intuitive- looking with both pictures and written teasers. It will auto mark when items are read and you can tag items. It also has "advanced sharing," and keyboard short-cuts. This option also allows you to follow not only blogs, but any website, podcast or youtube channel, making it a one-stop shop to access many of your internet favorites. 

Follow me on Feedly here, or just click the RSS Feed link on my sidebar! 


Before I got a Twitter account, I never would have believed how easy it is to follow a blog(ger) on there. I always make sure to post links to new NFD entries on my twitter feed as well as other content. Plus, you can use Twitter to have conversations with me (and many other bloggers, companies and cool people)! I love to interact with people on Twitter. So, if you are a twitterer, feel free to follow me! If you're not on twitter yet, maybe now is a great time to give it a try? 

Find me on Twitter here, or Just click the link on the sidebar.


NFD has a Facebook page! Have you 'liked' it yet? I always add the links to new posts there, in addition to other fun content like extra photos, polls, questions and links I love. All you have to do is 'like' NFD's page! And if you're afraid not all my posts will make it to you newsfeed, just remember to click the 'Liked' button to brin gup a menu, followed by clicking 'Show in Newsfeed' to ensure you see all my latest posts! 

Find NFD's Facebook Page here, or click the link on the sidebar. Then 'like' and follow! 

E-mail Subscribers

I'm checking my email all the time, and maybe you are too? You can subscribe to my site and get an email when I post new entries. Just look in my sidebar and enter your email address in the box. Feed Burner will do the rest for you. A simple and easy way to stay updated! 


While maybe not the most simple way to stay up on my blog's new posts, I am on Pinterest and do pin content from the blog to the relevant boards. Hair how-tos will be pinned to my Hair Board. Outfit posts to the What I Wore: Never Fully Dressed Board, and mail posts are pinned to my You've Got Mail board. You can follow any or all of my boards. To get to my profile page just follow the link in the sidebar. 


  1. I'm follwing you on bloglovin' now. But a fellow blogger linked to this really helpful article about the whole Google Reader thing:

    The Nautical Owl

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    1. Megan,

      Yay! for Bloglovin.

      Thank you for taking the time to link me to information you think will benefit me. It is so thoughtful when people do this! The blogger who wrote the article really does a good job of discussing more in-depth about GFC versus Google Reader. As mentioned above, I know GFC isn't going away, but since some people might use Google Reader, it seems like a good time to remind people of alternative ways to follow.


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