Stationery Wishlist: Begin the New Year Right!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Year Stationary

1. Calendar | 2. Pencils | 3. Goal-Setting Journal | 4. Wristwatch Post-It Notes | 5. Evil Eye Pencil Holder | 6. Thank You Notes

1. Calendar - Set the tone for your whole new year with a great calendar to see you through the months to come!

2. Pencils - Keep yourself and your work sharp by using one of these new and newly sharpened pencils.

 3. Goal-Setting Journal - Got a New Year's Resolution? Jot it down and keep track of your progress in this notebook. Go on and seize the day!

 4. Wristwatch Post-It Notes - You can use one of these quirky post-it notes to keep you from forgetting any resolutions too.

5. Evil Eye Pencil Holder - In many cultures, the symbol of a single, all-seeing eye is meant to ward off the Evil Eye. What better way to start off your new new year, than by making sure evil and misfortune overlooks you and yours? Go on, and add this charming pencil holder to your desk. For safety's sake.

 6. Thank You Notes - the holiday season often leaves one with many gifts- and many thank you notes to write! Thank your loved ones in style with these geometric notecards.


  1. Number three sounds WONDERFUL- I love the idea of staying on course by writing about it. And that cover- so pretty. Great roundup as usual; I have no idea how you find such fun and quirky items!

    xo marlen
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  2. The goal-setting journal sounds really nice, and the pencil holder is very cool :)

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