What I Wore: Gamine

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

vest, blazer, skinny jeans,
gamine look
What I Wore: Jeans (Gap), Shoes (Crown Vintage), Shirt (Similar Here), Vest (Similar Here), Coat (Similar Here), Scarf (Similar Here), Bracelet (Popbasic)

Do you know what the word "gamine" means? As in, have you ever looked up its definition. Its a girl with mischevious or boyish charms. Well, I'm owner of a Marauders' Map, so I don't know about mischief, but boyish? This outfit? Yeah.

And you know what?

I'm in love with that fact. With the  vest.  With the whole look, really. The outfit is equally at home out to dinner or lounging around the house. And it's be equally right if I strode along the streets of Paris, or rode up to the mountains. The best part is, except for the boots (which were on The List), all of the items are ones I've had a year or more. Yes, I've done the culling of the closet thing in the past few years, and certainly haven't stopped shopping as The List is proof of, but... Not gonna lie. I'm feeling pretty content with my closet, even as I feel my style is evolving.  Versatile basics have seen me though all that, and will continue to do so, I'm sure.

So, what about you? Ever try to put on some "boyish charm?"


  1. I didn't know the definitely of that work- I like it! Love the vest and the layers- you look so stylish!! Those boots were a win- I'm glad you found the black with brown heels.

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  2. Beautiful proportions and layering here <3 Really love this!

    - Anna


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  3. Love the layered look. Especially the vest. I could definitely see you strolling in Paris in this...a couple of eclairs in hand ; ) (one for you...two for me! LOL)


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  4. This outfit is perfectly pulled together! Jeans have really been growing on my as of late - they snag less when walking through the woods. I love the vest with the white shirt underneath and that maroon scarf is a great colour on you!

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  5. This scarf is such a beautiful color!

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  6. I love it! So many layers

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