Mail Madness Post: 15 (More) Things to put in a care package

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A thermos

Decorative box 
hand mirror 
foreign coins or stamps 
Scratch Ticket messages (like in this Mail Post) 

Blank Journal 

Instant miso soup packets 

Incidental items mini kit (Include things like band-aids, travel sized

toothpaste, aspirin, Vaseline etc.) 

Items and instructions to make s’mores 

Popcorn (Bonus: You could use this as the packing instead of bubble
wrap or packing peanuts!) 
A cute stamp and a stamp pad

A disposable camera 

Potpourri or dried flowers 

Art supplies like water colors or crayons 

PS You can find more items on this list and this list. 


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