Mail Madness Post: 15 (More) Things to put in a care package

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A thermos

Decorative box 
hand mirror 
foreign coins or stamps 
Scratch Ticket messages (like in this Mail Post ) 

Blank Journal 

Instant miso soup packets 

Incidental items mini kit (Include things like band-aids, travel sized

toothpaste, aspirin, Vaseline etc.) 

Items and instructions to make s’mores 

Popcorn (Bonus: You could use this as the packing instead of bubble
wrap or packing peanuts!) 
A cute stamp and a stamp pad

A disposable camera 

Potpourri or dried flowers 

Art supplies like water colors or crayons 

PS You can find more items on this list and this list. 


  1. Great idea! I should start sending care packages since they are so fun to receive!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

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