Mail Madness Post: 15 (More) Things to Put in a Care Package

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1.            iTunes Gift card

2.            A comic book

3.            A Surprise Ball (Bonus: if this is for the college student in your life, feel up the layer with quarters)

4.            Emergency sewing kit

5.            Fun jewelry

6.            Candy gram

7.            Cute Office Supplies

8.            Those things where you scratch off the black so colors on below

9.            Perfume, cologne or other scent (Carefully wrapped if in a bottle!)

10.        Coded messages and a decoding device or instructions

11.        A key chain, magnet or other small souvenir from a trip you took recently or a local site

12.        Finger puppets

13.        Clothes (second-hand or brand new are both great!)

15.        Make-up items

PS For more care package items try my previous post on the subject!

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