What I Wore: Down the Old Road

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old Road 2
Old Road details
old road feet
Old Road 3

"Unfair!” is the thought reverberating in my mind as I read all these style blogs with lovely, springy outfits and- enviably thing- springy weather. March is usually the month with the most snowfall in Wyoming, but every so often the fates tease us by looking like warm, lovely days, even if the temperature and wind speed make it otherwise. 

Despite the wind, I hiked it out to the Old Dirt Road behind a neighborhood park. Growing up, though we often yelled to our parents that we were heading to the park before bolting out the door, where we really meant was here. Wading in ditches, pretending to be pioneers (both historical ones and sometimes, with a  dash of sci-fi leanings,  we’d say it was a new planet), races, and make-believe houses were all played out here. What is it about good weather that seems nostalgic anyway?

What I wore: Sweater: Target, Dress: Target (two years old), tights: Target, shoes: Famous Footwear (Brand: Maddie Girl), Belt: Ruche. 


  1. I love your yellow sweater!

    xo Jennifer


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  2. AW THE OWL! I think the photos are wonderful. Have followed your lovely blog :)



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    1. Owls are the best! I looked at your blog and am following you back. I enjoy the variety of photos (and the cool hats!)


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