What I Wore: Overdressed

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ParisBlouse2 Collage

What I Wore: Shirt and Purse (Paris Boutiques), Shorts (Anthropologie), Shoes (Old Navy), Locket (Heirloom)

Trying to get used to a new hometown, the other day I picked up the local paper. The best parts (or more infuriating parts, depending) of any small town paper is the Opinion Section. Sure enough, several things caught my eye. But the one that made me eye-roll a bit had the tagline "In Cody, Clean is Fancy Enough." The writer talked seeing a woman in "nylons and a skirt" and how terribly over-dressed she was, and how it made the writer wonder what that woman was up to. Even to meet important people, all you need is clean jeans, an ironed shirt and maybe a bolero tie, supposedly. Nylons-and-Skirt woman had clearly just not "acclimated" to Cody. Clearly. Look, the only reason I know I'm not Nylons-and-Skirts Lady is that I don't have the patience for nylons. I'm not picking on anyone that chooses to wear jeans in their everyday life, even for fancy occasions. Or if they choose to wear anything else. I love clothes and what they say about the wearer, so everything is fascinating in that regard. But the Opinion Ed. writer and her attitude? Totally typical. This is why I blog, people, this is why I blog. 

With this shirt and purse, both bought at boutiques in the Latin Quarter of Paris,  I'm clearly over-dressed for my new home, at least according to the paper, but who wouldn't want to spend every day in this shirt? It is so soft to touch! Like a dream to wear. I was a little unsure of the color, as it is nothing like anything else I own, but that can be an advantage too. Plus, it goes with enough to make at least several outfits (remixing an item is always my first consideration after fit and comfort). That- and the rush of Parisian Shopping- spurred me on to get it. It was the  sweetest shop and I'm kicking myself for not remembering its name. It was the very last store we stepped in, and we almost didn't go! It looked rather "un-Parisian" actually, with gingham sundresses in the window (from the brand Emily and Fin as it turned out), and prices in this store were actually reasonable, epsecially for ethically made clothing. The purse was another fantastic find in the smallest shop imaginable! It had just enough room for the store owner to sit on a stool and for a shelf of wares behind her. I'd been kicking myself for not bring a small purse with me on the trip (I'd brought my messenger bag on the rationale it would carry a bottle and anything else I might need. True but also heavy). With its genuine leather, small, sleek sized, tassel and blue color- it was irresistible! 


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  2. Oh, the opinions section. It's one of my favorite sections to write for, but one of the most frustrating to read. I'm very careful about not making judgements in my articles, and one of my biggest rules as the editor is that we don't run opinions articles that aren't backed up with facts. The way I see is it is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if you're just make assumptions about things without backing it up, it doesn't belong in a newspaper. So that's my rant on that haha

    Basically what I'm trying to say, is that that writer is an idiot. It's one thing to make the observation that people in your town don't dress up often, but it's ridiculous to say that they shouldn't. They obviously haven't met you or seen how stylish you are, because I'm sure they'll change their mind when they do :) This top is adorable and I'm in love with that bag! Loving all of your Paris finds so much. Phew, this comment is long. See what happens when you mention newspapers? haha

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  3. No such thing as over dressed! You look great and maybe you'll become someone inspiration/motivation

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

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  4. Haha, ahh small towns are just great aren't they? I confess, I began blogging in part so that I could find a community who appreciated 'dressing up' a bit instead of just giving me the stink eye for being overdressed in a town where as you said, jeans are dressing up. Actually, funny story-I went to a doctor's appointment last week and I was just wearing a super casual outfit- cargo pants and a plain shirt- and the receptionist asked if I was there for the interview. When I told her that, no I was just there to have an appt she said, "Oh, you just looked so nice I thought I should ask!" I thought to myself-I would NEVER wear that to an interview! Clothing has gotten so strange these days.
    Anyway, I am in love with the color of your blouse- it even looks soft through the screen and makes your skin all pink and glowy :) in a good way! And that handbag-lovely!

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  5. Ugh, I used to get slack all the time at University for wearing skirts, dresses and tights. It should be interesting when I start a program based on physical fitness and still dress nice everyday. Wearing jeans or yoga pants all day long would kill me. I would 100% rather be overdressed!
    Anyways this blouse is amazing, love the colour and how it looks with the shorts, such a great combination. And these photos are so wonderful!!

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  6. I love the color of your Paris blouse! I can totally relate to your frustrations with the op ed, heck, I even packed dresses for camping because that's what I LIKE! Ugh!

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  7. Love that last pic! It's so cute :) This bag is gorgeous and so is the top. People are so silly, just wear what you like and who cares what other people think?! that's my motto!

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  8. Wait, this is overdressed?! Oh gosh, I don't even want to know what people would think of me. I think that you look super cute and casual! That shirt does look super comfy! I've gotten a lot of "what the what?" looks before because of what I wear. But, who cares? i wear things for me, not for other people! :)


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  9. I think it's much better to be over dressed than under dressed :) The color of this shirt so pretty and that bag is darling. Its so neat that you bought them in Paris and they can bring back memories for you of your trip.

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  10. Adore this combo, love. You look fabulous. xo

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  11. I want a blouse like that! You'd better go back to Paris and find me one.

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  12. Ha ha...that paper. I grew up with Amos, that's how I found your blog. Anyway, if your sanity makes you take a break from reading that paper, it wouldn't be the worst thing :). Although I do find it slightly entertaining when I visit home and read my parents' back issues. Love your style!


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  13. I want that blue baaaaaag. I waaaaaant it. >=| <3 It's so perfect with this outfit. I don't have a single blue bag in my closet. How have I gone this long without such a bag? I have no freakin' idea. Seeing your bag, though. *sigh* It's awesome! :D

    - Anna


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  14. The opinion piece makes for a funny story, but annoying neighbors... I'm all for having pride in your community, but not if it's exclusive, you know? (And I'm not a fan of bolero ties!)

    You are doing good work getting people interested in fashion beyond their fall-back outfits. It's been helpful to me!

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  15. Haha oh my LORD, how does one get freaked out about nylons?! Now, my parents suburb isn't a small town, but people definitely thought the same way. I'd wear a dress to a restaurant- and not even layered up like I always do, I mean just a simple summer dress- and I'd get called a hipster. LOL WHAT? What can you do. People are just intimidated with self expression, I guess it can be an uncomfortable thing. And go you for still being fancy! That blouse is a gorgeous color- it's great that you tried it out :)

    And thank you for your super amazing comment on my blog! It was one of the most thoughtful ones I've ever received :)

    xo Marlen
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  16. love the outfit, great Parisian purchase! and I try very hard not to believe in a thing such as being overdressed myself :)


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  17. Cute, casual outfit. I love your shirt!
    How irritating is that! I'm completely for being "over" dressed - as if that was possible. and I get so frustrated when people ask me why I'm "dressed up" just because I'm wearing a skirt, or maybe heels. Ahh!

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