Popsugar January 2014 Review

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've talked about Popsugar Must-Haves subscription before, and, thanks to my mother, have finally been able to try this fun service out for myself! She gifted me a three month subscription for Christmas. Thanks Mom!

Popsugar Must-Haves are like those lists in women's magazines talking about the "must-have" items of the month. Only, instead of just talking about them, they send them to you.  Boxes are about forty dollars a month, but the price goes down if you buy multiple month's subscription at once. This box, their January 2014 box, is actually the second of my three. I loved December's, though it got here in January (understandably due to the overload our UPS and FedEx people had over the holidays). January's box shipped around the 13th and arrived here around the 20th. For some reason, several other people got their boxes earlier, and I spoiled myself for the surprises that were inside. But knowing what was in the box did not diminish the fun of getting a box, especially after a long day!
Popsugar, Must-Have, subscription package,
January's box was clearly aimed at helping people keep some of the more common New Year Resolution goals. Here's what was inside:

The Juice Generation- Out of all the items, this one was probably the one I was the least happy with. A cookbook is a great idea idea for box like this, but many people don't have the equipment to make things. I'm not really into juicing in the first place, but since we have the book, maybe we can either make some of the recipes with our Bullet, or we can pass the book onto a friend who likes juicing.  Also in the box was a coupon for a discount towards juice purchases.

Jack and Lucy Tech Gloves- I actually just got not one but two pairs of "tech" gloves over the holidays. Still, seems like one is always misplacing gloves, so this will be good, or maybe it can help warm a friend's hands instead! The brand is very nice; I could handle my iPhone with them on fine.

Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask- In the winter weather my skin always needs help, so I was super excited for this! don't know about you, but fancy skin care is always one of those things that seems expensive to indulge in, but I do love such products, so what a nice treat!

Pipcorn White Truffle Popcorn- December's box also had edibles, which went fast, so I was really curious about this new snack item. I think some people might really like it, but it was a bit of a dud at our house. Pipcorn is very small popcorn bits, which was fine. The flavor of this bag was a bit odd. To The Boy and I it tasted like normal bagged popcorn, but left an odd aftertaste in one's mouth. Those with more discerning palettes might find their milage varies from our expeirnce.

Revlon by Marchesa Box O' Files- Tiny, pretty nail files that are the perfect size to stash away in an emergency kit or purse.

Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk Calendar- I saved the best for last! This was most definitely the highlight of the box for me. I love Rifle Paper Co.'s goods and was tickled by all the maps, especially the one of Paris, which is where we honeymooned. Whether you are just dreaming of travelling or remembering good times, this would be a fun calendar to decorate a desk. As an added bonus, the company also sent along a discount for your next purchanse at their store.

Popsugar, Must-Have, subscription package,
January's box was a little underwhelming. There were some items I loved and some I didn't, but  I think is bound to happen with this type of subscription. And who knows? In December's box, there were several items I wasn't sure I'd like or use that I have, in fact, come to quite enjoy, so perhaps January's box will be the same way. At any rate, the value of the box contents still exceeded what was paid for it (which is always guaranteed by Popsugar Must-Haves).

I'm excited to get my third Popsugar box; it might help me decide whether I ought to continue the subscription or not!

Have you gotten a Popsugar box? Would (or do you) subscribe now?


  1. love popsugar and miss it!

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  2. I want to try Popsugar again, but there are just so many subscription boxes I want to try :)

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  3. I haven't tried Popsugar but must say I have been pretty underwhelmed by similar subscription services. I do love popbasic and Europe in a box though. The beauty/make-up ones not so much :/

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    1. Popsugar has more lifestyle things than beauty things, which makes it interesting to me. I liked it, but think it is something that is fun to get once in a while or as a gift for a friend, rather than a regular subscription.

      Popbasic is still my favorite too, though there are several similar ones I'm interested in (Golden Tote and Elizabeth & Clarke). I've never hear of Europe in a Box. Sounds funs!


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