Stationery Wishlist: Party Animal

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1. Cat Stationary | 2. Cool Cat Card (Rifle Card Co.) |3. Penguin Paper Clips (Modcloth)  |  4. Foxtrot Card (Maemae Paperie) | 5. Stickers (etsy) | 6. Rabbit Mailing Label (Etsy)

1. Cat Stationary- Okay, okay. Can we focus a moment on how cool these are? They fold up like a normal letter, but when opened are in the shape of a cat. How unexpected! How fun!

2. Cool Cat Card- I know so many people who need to be told they Cool Cats. Can you dig, daddy-o?

3. Penguin Paper Clips-This would make for the most cheerful desk ever.

4. Foxtrot Card- I love to Foxtrot (and it is easy, despite how the diagram looks here). I can see why these diagrams are not often used when teaching dance, but their aesthetic is something I love almost as much as foxtrotting.

5. Stickers- These round face-stickers would be fun to use when sealing an envelope shut, and, hey, why not draw in a speech bubble with something clever for the faces to say. and make things even more fun?

6. Rabbit Mailing Label- How darling would this look, especially with all the packages Flock Together bloggers send one another!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are all so cute! I especially love the foxtrot one.

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  2. I am obsessed with stationary and office-y items that resemble it. I am constantly searching for thank you cards/blank cards and all other cutesy items. I'm not a huge cat person, but I wouldn't mind having a few of these!

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  3. Those penguin paperclips are adorable!!! I wish I live in the US and could get a hold of some X

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  4. I'm a sucker for cute stationary (and etc. type items)! I think I love the cool cat card the best.

    Thanks for your kind words on my resolution post, Kristian!

    perfectly Priya

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    1. I really love hearing of people's goals :D


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