In January, Why Don't You....?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Make a resolution- and a create a plan to keep it!

Start a daily journal

Take to the slopes for some down-hill skiing

Learn how to apply winged eye-liner

Turn an old perfume bottle into a flower vase

Indulge in some magazine reading

Shampoo your carpets

Build a blanket fort

Host a dinner party

Wear a monochrome look


  1. So many great ideas! I always love these posts :) I love the idea of a perfume bottle as a vase! It would be so beautiful for sure


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  2. Such great resolutions! I love just how fun they are.

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    1. Well, they aren't exactly resolutions (this is a monthly column), but I do hope to do a great many of them

      Happy New year to you too.

  3. Oh, I like these! It's been far too long since I made a blanket fort, haha. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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  4. my friends recently had a dinner party of our own and it was SO lovely- such a good suggestion! and your magazine one just prompted me to subscribe to a year of Vogue- so thank you for that one haha ;)

    xo marlen

    Messages on a Napkin

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    1. Ah! A subscription to Vogue sounds like such fun!

      Actually, so does your dinner party. Glad it was a success.

  5. Love these! Especially the idea of a perfume bottle flower vase!

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  6. Such a fun list again! I actually started a Google Agenda today to keep track of my blogging resolutions! And I would love to learn how to apply winged eyeliner. If only I wasn't so allergic :-( xo

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  7. Oh my goodness...shampoo my carpets - you have read my mind!! Wishing you one gorgeous New Year Kristian! And you have officially inspired me to try a monochrome out of my we shall see!

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    1. I'm totally curious to see how your outfit looks! I'm gonna see if I can pull one off too.


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