Stationery Wishlist: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Friday, August 14, 2015

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1. Ruby Shoe Poster | 2. Denslow Illustration Stationery | 3. Wizard of Oz Pencils | 4.  Vintage Style Sticky Notes | 5. No Place Like Home Tattoo | 6. Pop-up Oz Illustration Cards | 7. Emerald Stationery Set | 8. Emerald City Pennant | 9. Travel Poster Cards | 10. Oz Passport Notebook

1. Ruby Shoe Poster - The world's most iconic shoes didn't originate with the books, but with the movie when the silver shoes were changed to Technicolor-friendly Ruby Slippers. But lovers of both the book and film will adore this poster, since the image is formed in negative space- the color is actually red text from the book! 

2. Denslow Illustration Stationery- Denslow only illustrated the first of over 40 Oz books (14 in total by the original author L. Frank Baum and many others by subsequent "Oz Historians"), but they left an indelible mark on the look of Oz, with big poppies and long brown braids. Here, his illustrations grace a stationery set- and all of the pages and envelopes how different pictures! 

3. Wizard of Oz Pencils- The dreamy images of Oz are from the delicate hand of a Korean artist, showing off Dorothy and Friends' world-wide appeal! 

4.  Vintage Style Sticky Notes- With these darling stickies, even reminders become joyous things. Let Toto help you remember your grocery list! 

5. No Place Like Home Tattoo- A tattoo isn't technically stationery, but as temporary tattoos get more up-class and adult, they have ventured even into literature-inspired images, such as this graphic reminder of how there is No Place Like Home! 

6. Pop-up Oz Illustration Cards- Cards that have a pop-up illustrations. Need I say more? 

7. Emerald Stationery Set- A strong graphic style and the emerald color always reminds this Ozzie blogger of that Fairy Country's capital, the Emerald City. But even if you had never heard of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz (though really, who would that be?), you would love getting letters on these pages! 

8. Emerald City Pennant - Cheering for the (literary) home team! How great would this look above a desk? I am forever in love with this! 

9. Travel Poster Cards- I love Oz. I love travel posters. I love cards. A three-for-three win! 

10. Oz Passport Notebook- I constantly use little notebooks like this in my purse so I have a little something handy to jot down things in, even when on the go. The back cover has guidelines for living in Oz too, which is such a fun twist! Watch out for flying monkeys they say! 


  1. That notebook is adorable. I'm a sucker for cute stationary/notebooks/writing utensils... so that's right down my alley. That rug is darn cute, too.

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  2. Awesome finds! I love the pop-up cards :)

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  3. What incredible stationary! I love so many of them but I think my favorite is those beautiful vintage style sticky notes!


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  4. Such a fun theme for this series! I love the postcards, would look great in frames to spruce up a room!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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