What I Wore: To See Lady Liberty

Friday, August 28, 2015

What I Wore: Shorts (Banana Republic), Shirt (c/o Popbasic), Shoes (Old Navy), Purse (Parisien Boutique)

Things have been crazy-busy here, but I finally have a new outfit post- well, it is actually an outfit from July on our New York trip but still! At any rate, how could I have talked about going to New York and not have taken the time to see one of- if not the most iconic landmarks of all?

And the trip out to see The Statue of Liberty was actually very well run and the monument informative and uplifting!  I even tried the cheesy, costs-a-quarter binoculars on the island. We made a point to go out earlier- both to (try and fail) to avoid the heat and as much of the crush as is possible in New York in the summer. Sadly, we did not order tickets in far enough advance to get to go all the way up the statue, so just contented ourselves with looking across he grounds. There were free audio guides (Pro Tip: Always get the Audio Guide. Well, unless you are going to a museum of creepy barque Jesus statues, but that's another story for another time!).

Also included in the ticket was a ferry to Ellis Island, but we didn't get off. I'm kind of wishing we did now, as it is surely fascinating no matter what, but my family all came to the New World long before Ellis Island was built (my mom's scandinavian forefathers came in the 1870s, and at least some of them through Canada and my dad's family's been on this side of the Atlantic since before the country was a country so...) and The Boy didn't know any family history further back than a great-grandfather. We found out upon our return from an aunt that his family probably did go through Ellis Island, but- oh, well! Still interesting... What about you? Do you know (or are you even interested in) your family's history? I find it fascinating to know, but dull to research (not that it stopped my family from conscripting me into the job growing up!) I'd love to hear your story!


  1. Cute pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Come by soon!


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  2. great post as usual! :)


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  3. Glad you got to see this icon. I actually believe it looks better from the distance shown in the photos than up close, so you didn't miss anything. My dad came here from Germany in 1950 so my immigrant roots are more recent than yours.

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  4. I've never been to NYC, and your posts make me want to go even more!

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  5. This is super cute. You can't go wrong with stripes! <3 Hope you had a good time!

    - Anna


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  6. I'm very interested in my family's history and want to research it better one day.In Europe it's always hard because there have been so many migrations for so many different reasons. In most cases, people moved because they're running away from something and to distance themselves from that they wouldn't tell their stories to younger generations so knowledge of ancestry got lost. We think our ancestors came to Portugal sometime between the late 1600s early 1800s. Probably Jewish running away from Catholic persecution in Spanish provinces after Portugal regained independence from Spain in 1640. My husband, on the other hand, being from New Zealand, it's really easy to trace people back (though he's not very interested).

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  7. oh, p.s. loved your outfit :)

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  8. This outfit is so you and the trip looks like so much fun!

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  9. I would LOVE to go visit Ellis Island! I visited Angel Island a couple years ago and was fascinated. Regardless of the fact that my parents immigrated to CA in the 80's and did not come through either.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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    1. Yeah... I'm kinda kicking myself for missing it, though we did go and tour the New York Public Library that afternoon, which was cool too...


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