What I Wore: And My Little Dog Too!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daschund Sweater
Daschund Sweater
Daschund Sweater

What I Wore: Sweater (Banana Republic); Jeans (Similar Here), Shoes (Similar Here), Necklace (Popbasic)

Sooo.... this sweater is one of the only things I actually bought in New York, and, yeah, it is from a chain store. Part of me feels like that is missing the point, going to a store you can go to in a lot of other places, but... a) finding independent boutiques was not as easy as anticipated and b) you can go to a Banana Republic in a lot of places, but "a lot of places" isn't Wyoming. The internet, of course, brings all stores to you, which is fabulous,  and by default is how most shopping happens at our house, but isn't quite the same thing as going to a store sometimes. How the cloth feels, how it fits might be missed on a webpage- That's all part of the in-store experience. This sweater is a great example of that, actually. The sizes I would normally wear were either sold out or too big in the store so... I went bigger. One of the best tricks sometimes is to not get too caught up on the tag and just try it. This boxy, oversized fit gives it a relaxed and homey vibe, right?

Plus, well, this sweater has a downright adorable dachshund on. I already have a sweater with a fox terrier on it, which is what one of our dogs, Stella, is, but I didn't want Max feeling left out! And, yeah, okay, Max wouldn't really care so long as he can still get up on the bed and cuddle with me, but... Anyway, Max is our spoiled little boy. I'm the Favorite because of cuddles; The Boy tortures Max by requiring he get regular exercises (horror of horrors!), so Max is often my sidekick. Or he just thinks I'll protect him from any looming threat of walks.  Whichever. He loves people. Stella loves the dog park to play with out dogs; Max schmoozes with all the little old ladies who bring their dogs. He makes sure to get pets from EVERYBODY.

Do you buy things with likeness of dogs or other pets on them? Also, do you prefer in-store or online shopping?


  1. Awww...so cute!

    I often make and wear my own images of my dogs and also sell them in my Etsy shop. Pugs are popular. So much so that yesterday a young man stopped me just so he could pet the pug. He told me pugs are his favourite dogs. Zoe didn't mind at all. She adores people.

    I'm not a fan of online shopping because of the shipping/duty/customs charges and also sizing issues.


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  2. Awww what a cutie! I love seeing fur baby pictures. :) And love your top!

    I am also a fan of wearing clothing with critters on it. As for online shopping, that is literally the only way I shop these days. It's been eons since I bought anything other than groceries at a store.


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  3. I'm an online gal for shoes and accessories because you can depend on them to fit the same way, but clothes I've just gotta try on in stores! There's a rare few times that I've been able to buy clothes online knowing they'll fit based on measurements and whatever material it's made from but U'm picky.

    Hahahaha, I love that he's your sidekick because you don't walk him! I'm the one who puts the dog in the kennel when we all leave the house so my dog isn't a huge fan of me, either. But he'll snuggle up if I'm on a couch or in my bed or something.

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  4. That sweater is adorable and so is your dog! I'm definitely an online shopper :)

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  5. Super cute shirt and what an adorable pup! <3

    - Anna


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  6. That sweater is so freaking cute! And you'll still remember the trip you bought it on, even if it is from a chain store! I grew up in the middle of the woods so seeing those stores on vacation was always a treat- haha :) You look adorable!

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  7. Such a cute set of photos! Your pup looks so sweet. I love online shopping but you're right, there's something more fun and reassuring about shopping in-person! Returning things in the mail is so sad lol :)

    <3 Megan

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  8. I don't think I ever bought any clothes in NYC. Maybe you need a good guide? I still have several favorites from Montreal!
    Glad Max is included! I love the shirt!
    You are also wearing a nice lipstick color

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