Stationery Wishlist: Second Star Till Morning

Friday, November 6, 2015


1. Neverland Greeting Card | 2. Mermaid Lagoon Art Print | 3. Big Ben Clock Card | 4. Mermaid Birthday Card | 5. Wendy-Bird Card | 6. Peter Pan Journal | 7. Crocidile Clock

1. Neverland Greeting Card B.M. Barrie says everyone has a different Never-Neverland, but this greeting card map is perfect for any book lover.

 2. Mermaid Lagoon Art Print- Support an artist with a great art print like this!

3. Big Ben Clock Card- A great card for any travel-lover as well as for any who know what a thimble really is.

4. Mermaid Birthday Card- Wendy dreams of a mermaid lagoon on her Never-Neverland, and if they are anything like this enchanting card, it is not hard to see why!

5. Wendy-Bird Card- Fly away on adventure- or at least let your thoughts do so, by sending this card to a dear friend.

6. Peter Pan Journal- Scrumptiously illustrated, this book has calendars for the month, as seen here, as well as for the week and comes with stickers too! Who knew a Boy Who Never Grows Up could make adult life easier?

 7. Crocidile Clock- Captain Hook is terribly afraid of the crocodile, but luckily can always hear him coming with the clock he swallowed. Hopefully your troubles are less dire, but this clock can help you keep things together too.


  1. I love that mermaid print! Her whole shop is full of fantastic illustrations... so colorful and whimsical, I'm so drawn to work like that no matter the content.

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  2. Love the Peter Pan theme! The crocodile clock is awesome :)

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