In November, Why Don't You...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Check that all your clocks are changed- Daylight Savings went into effect yesterday!

Bake a pumpkin pie

Observe the start of Advent (November 29 is the first Sunday)

Go to a craft fair and the annual turkey shoot

November 14th is World Diabetes day; wear blue to raise awareness and consider donating to help people with this chronic disease!

Buy your dog a new toy

Make a pot of hearty soup to take to work for lunch

Read memoirs Black Elk Speaks or Lakota Woman in honor of National Native American Heritage Month

Get your Christmas present shopping done early

Wear a scarf and matching gloves


  1. nice!

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  2. We're European, but we are celebrating Thanksgiving this year. It's the first year we live on our own and would love to have everyone who helped us get here over for dinner. It's our way to say thank you to them :) No Turkey hunt though, although my grandfather would undoubtedly love that! xo

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    1. I love this idea of celebrating/ thanking those who've helped you out by having them over for dinner!

  3. I need to start Christmas shopping...

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  4. This post actually motivates me to do some of these things haha!
    Thanks for the ideas

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  5. I need to change the clocks on my bike spedometers, but I always forget how since I threw away the instruction manuals for them, so I just remember to subtract an hour. Oops!

    And also, I'm so so glad to hear that you found my perspective interesting (and that you were planning on sharing it with your students). It's nice to know that my thoughts don't go unnoticed.

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