October 2015 in Review:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooktacular Outfits

Spooktacular Plans
I wish I could say we had exciting plans for this Halloween on Saturday, but this weekend is a perfect example of my life right now- I'll be spending it working on my classes. The Boy and I have been living in work-mode pretty much all month; its lucky we like our jobs, I guess! On Never Fully Dressed, things have been a bit more varied, though.

In addition to October's "Why Don't You..." suggestions, we got into the spirit of month with Spooky Stationery a Cinema Style post inspired by King Kong, and a hair raising excerpt from this month's dog-eared page, Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  A shopping list for fall  is less spooky, but no less delightful! Speaking of things to add to my closet, I tried Le Tote again- and shared my thoughts on the experience (PS I'm wearing items from my Le Tote in both of this month's outfits).  I also introduced a new blog series called Rec Five- and this month I recc' ed five of my favorite podcasts. Another recommendation? Check out the classic film, Gone with the Wind; it was this month's Film Flick for a good reason!

Spooktacular Finds

A bizarre protest for Impressionist painter Renoir has been gaining attention. What even is this?

My students would loooove these LEGO-like furniture pieces

The History of English in 10 minutes

Speaking of, Shakespeare is getting a "translation." Think it needs one?

In the midst of all the bad news, its important to remember- this.

How an Englishman sees America. So fascinating!

Even things like toys create gender norms, so this is apropos: Creating an American Boy Doll. 

23 Things I wish I knew at 23.  What would you add?

At turns astounding and fantastic, listen into Greetings from Coney Island

Agree or disagree: a culture of abuse is what's killing Twitter?


  1. Lovely skirt! And there's nothing wrong with staying in on Halloween, it can be more enjoyable that way sometimes! :)


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  2. It makes me sad that Shakespeare needs a translation. Shakespeare can feel like a foreign language at first, but when you allow the rhythm of the language to wash over you, it all makes sense :)

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  3. Glad you're recommending podcasts because I've been loving them lately! Hopefully you still had time to relax this weekend in between the working. :)


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