March 2016 in Review

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Plans
March was Women's History Month, so in honor of that, several of the month's posts were dedicated to celebrating women, including Links for International Women's Day; Rec Five: Females Leads in Kids' Books; and this month's Dog Eared Page.  And, since I am a woman who's recently entered a new phase of life, I started a new series called Motherhood Musings. Don't worry; this isn't becoming a mommy blog (though, yes, I realize the clothing posts have been light on the ground recently). This series will post every Monday and could cover a wide variety of topics; the only connection is they are somehow about Motherhood. This month's Motherhood Musings included: Breastfeeding Baskets; Babies + Dogs; and Ellis at Two Months. Don't worry about things changing too much though; my two movie post series are still going strong. Both this month's Film Flick and Cinema Style are about the Becall and Peck film Designing Woman.  I also got to share things you could do this month, and things you can do in 15 minutes or less. 

New Finds

Last Native Speaker Creates Dictionary

My Life Right Now

A Good Reminder

Iceland Makes Companies Prove Equal Pay! 

How Finland Teaches Coding

50 Reasons Why to Make Streets More Walkable- A mind blowing read!

A dreamy dress and photoshoot

How to Snore in Other Languages

Modern Life Art

I've loved the Finnish Baby Box program- and now it is in the US! 

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