In May, Why Don't You...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Purchase a silk kimono robe to lounge in on weekend mornings

Watch Star Wars for May (the Fourth Be With You)

Buy matching hangers for your closet

Organize your important papers

Make a home movie

Visit the Children's Resource Center

Bake chocolate chip cookies for co workers

Sign up for swimming classes- you and baby both! 

Update your social media accounts with new pictures and bios

Watch a Shakespeare play


  1. Are you going to do swim lessons with Ellis?!?!

    Also I should organize papers... oye!

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    1. I want to. Either this month or this summer. I haven't had time to look much at the schedule. But I've read baby swimming lessons really help kids so... we shall see. Plus, I could meet new "mom friends." :D

      Maybe the papers could be a project while you are house sitting (in between hanging with me, of course! So excited!)

  2. I'm glad this series is back, I always enjoy it! Definitely a good time to organize some stacks of papers and refresh your social accounts :) hope you're having a great week, Kristian!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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    1. Oh, Priya, I'm glad you enjoy this series. Thank you for the well-wishes. I'm hoping to have some time to catch up on blogs (like yours!); we shall see if it is in the little guy's plans to allow me time to do that....

  3. A silk kimono sounds lovely! Perfect for wearing while watching Star Wars :)

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    1. Ha- that does sound like a good combination, doesn't it?


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