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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My sister and I were obsessed with all things SPY when we were young, so there was never a question who'd I send my first coded letter to! Since neither of us grew up to be part of the FBI (or so you THINK!), it might seem a bit kiddy, but being a little young at heart can sure put a smile on your face. This letter is a blast to send and get, so get ready to engage your brain!

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1) Start with a rough draft of your letter, written normally. While it doesn't have to be as short as a Pictionary Note, it probably shouldn't be too long. Remember you still have to encode it, and someone has to have the time to de-code it too!

2) Decide what type of code you are going to use. I made up a simple substitution code using a combination of letters and symbols. However, don't think that's the only type of code you could use! Check out this site to find out about a multitude of different codes good for writing. 

3) This step is optional, but, if you've never sent your recipient a coded letter before, you might want to give some instructions or a hint as to how to de-code your letter. I wrote out a key for the code I used at the bottom of the first page.

4) Write your letter out in code! If you are not very sure about your code, you might want to make a second draft, this time using the code. I skipped that, and my final draft was the first time using the code. Whatever works for you is best.

and Presto- you are ready to being mailing stuff out, Mr. Bond!

Hint: You miiiight want to keep a copy of any decoding tools you use, in case you get a like letter back in the mail! (I forgot to do this, so, Danyon, if you're reading this, take note!)


  1. My sister and I were obsessed with all things spy too! We wanted to be CIA agents haha

    xo Jennifer


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  2. I too wanted to be a spy. I was obsessed with Harriet the Spy and later Veronica Mars (she was basically a spy). So I think this is pretty awesome.

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  3. how fun! do you remember harriet the spy? i love that movie

    <3 katherine

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  4. SO COOL! I walways wanted to be a spy too. My best friends in elementary school had blonde and black hair. Add me as a redhead and we were Totally Spies! Nobody wanted to play Jerry though :( We even DIYed our own "gadgets" haha. This coded letter was the only thing missing! x

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  5. i used to do this all the time as a child! AND YES go Katherine best movie ever!!!!


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  6. What a fun idea! When I was younger I liked writing with "Invisible" ink.

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  7. I did this when I was a kid and then was really excited to find it in Keri Smith's Finish This Book. I wrote a letter to my friend in it and I think we overlook code usage too much!

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  8. Sounds a bit complicated for my little brain, but I'm so intrigued... such a cool idea!

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