Going to the Dogs

Thursday, January 31, 2013

There are some things about my life that are probably not very clear on the blog. Some of this is intentional; some things I have a sense are private or not relevant  But some are just things I have neglected to clarify. Such as the fact that I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that The Boy and I live in different towns, or that I live with my parents, or that these two facts connect to three very familiar faces you've probably seen around on the blog from time to time! Yup- this post is about to go to the dogs!

Here are the three furriest faces you'll see on Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style): 


Top Row: Brisco on pillows; Gidget and Max can Get Along; Gidget Enjoys the Outdoors
Middle Row: Max stands; Brisco wants you to throw the ball; Max is impatient for his walk
Bottom Row: Gidget and I; Max; Gidget and Brisco's goofy grins

Max: He's probably the dog most often seen here on Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). That's because he's actually The Boy's dog and since The Boy is my photographer, Max is often along for the ride with us. Max looks like a long haired daschund, but is actually a mix of daschund and maltese, which is where he gets his hair (poor boy! Everyone always assumes he's a girl!) At about 3 years old, he's a laid-back little dude who is well-trained and well socialized. He gets to go to local pubic schools all the time where everyone coos over him, so he can be a bit of an attention monger when he wants to be. The Boy also likes to play tricks on him a lot. Between all the new people and new surprises, it is no wonder he can be so laid-back. Despite not living in the same house, Max has accepted me into his pack, and now demands a more-or-less constant stream of belly rubs, car rides and adventures where he gets to run about sans leash. 

Brisco: He is my family's eldest dog, at around 4 years old. He's a wire hair fox terrier bred for cuddliness, and it shows. His favorite spot in the house are the pillows on my bed, where he likes to lounge in what I call his "Roman Senator Pose." He would rather have a rousing game of Fetch than food, water or sleep.  You. Just. Need. To. Throw. The. Ball! are pretty much his constant thoughts. Like Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, his motto might also be "Dignity, always dignity," and he's just as successful as Gene Kelly was in the film about keeping his dignity too. But he tries awfully hard. It is just him and my Dad in a house full of girls, so he's a Daddy's boy, and gets called " Big Guy" a lot. 

Gidget: Our family's other dog, Gidget (named after the movie) could spell her name T-R-O-U-B-L-E! At two, she's just coming out of her adolescence, as is obvious to all who meet her by her rambunctious nature. She pretty much typifies the breed of wire fox terrier (her coloring is what is known as "ginger"); she has two gears: 'full throttle' and 'off.' She, too, is a cuddly one who likes to be as close to you as possible, and if she feels your laptop is taking up too much of your attention from her, she has learned to shut it very effectively!  She likes downy pillows and blankets, and loves to sleep in. She also loves Dutch rubs and wiggling around, but beware! Get her too wound up and she'll try to bop you on the nose! Just like younger siblings everywhere, the older Brisco is the Number One Most Important existence to her. She often annoys him by constantly bugging him to play, and Brisco has found out that nothing hampers his dignity like Gidget nipping at his legs as he runs. 

Gidget is pregnant with her very first litter of pups, which is due at the end of next month. I get to keep one! So a new little superstar will soon be added to the roster of dogs appearing on Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style) here very soon! 


  1. 3 doggies?!?! oh my! I can't wait until I get one for myself

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  2. Fun! I love dogs. My parents have 2 and Ethan's have one. We'd love to have a place that allows pets so we could get a puppy!
    can't wait to see pics of the new puppies.

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  3. Yayyy!!! you are getting a puppy!!! I love dogs sooo much! Would love to have tons... and urs look really cute !
    my husband never had a dog (shock face here) and now that we moved together, I need one!! I miss my mom's sooo much!
    And we are picking up our pug puppy in a week ^^ So exciting...I wanted to get two, but that was too much dog for someone that never had one! hahaha my husband was freaking out.... but little by little I will add more :D
    muahahaha !


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    1. Ah! You are getting a puppy so soon! So excited for you (and hoping we will see pictures too!)

  4. aaah you're getting a puppy!! that will be so exciting! hope he/she will get along well with Max! Gidget reminds me of my moms dog, such a hyperactive little trouble maker but so cute.

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    1. I'm really hoping the puppy will get along with Max too!

  5. and now they have puppies! yay!

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