Hair How-To: Twisted Hotcross Buns

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hotcrossbun1 CORRECTTwistedhairbunsCollage

1) Separate the hair into three sections

Separate hair into three sections. You can tie these sections, or not. Put to side sections over your shoulder and out of the way.

2) Twist Hair and coil twist into bun

Twist the hair around your finger until you get a rope of twisted hair, then, starting at the end, coil the hair in a circle until it is laying snug against the head right at the nape of the neck. This is your center bun. Use bobby pins to secure it into place.

3) Twist and coil second section

Take a side section and twist in a clockwise position (so that that twist will be visible from the side). When you have your rope of twisted hair, coil it in a circle until it is snug against your head. If you are unsure where this side bun should be, use the middle one as a guide. I have my buns just barely touching each other. Use bobby pins to secure it into place.

4) Twist and coil final section of hair

Repeat twisting and coiling with the final section of hair. Bobby pin the hair. Viola! You are done!


  1. you're always so great with these fun, creative hair dos! i wish my hair was long enough to try this. i'm still waiting to try out your milkmaid braid tutorial!

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  2. Super cute! I used to love wearing my hair like this when I was a teenager! <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

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    1. Oh, I bet you look(ed) really cute in this, and it would be great for keeping hair off your neck in the summer too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This looks so pretty from the back! I'd never have the patience to do it but you make it look so simple!

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    1. Ah, with hair as long as yours it might take you a little more time than it takes me, but this takes me under five minutes to do (when not posing for blog pictures anyway!)

  4. awesome! Shannon (who you know from my blog) and I are always inspired by these posts, she always has such creative hair styles, maybe I can get her to let me photograph her creating one.

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  5. Ooo, I didn't see this! I like!

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