Cinema Style: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Friday, November 22, 2013

I first saw The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (full review here) last year when a friend suggested it as the evening's entertainment at our outdoor movie party, and it remains one of my favorite films. At once romantic, and sombre; serious and comic; it tells the story of a widow who moves into a house rumored to be haunted.  I won't say anymore less some of the surprises are ruined, but it is a film with a historic setting. The movie was made during Hollywood's studio era in the 1940s, but set on the Atlantic coast at the turn of the century. So the costumes are from the 1900s as filtered through the lens of those living almost fifty years later. But don't think that means you can't get fashion inspiration this (or any historically set) film!

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir outfit

Shirt, Skirt, Cape, Shoes, Hat

Gene Tierney as recently widowed Lucy Muir wears some gorgeous costumes. Rather than directly copy any certain outfit and risk looking like you're off to a fancy dress ball, take inspiration from certain elements of this great wardrobe. Many of Mrs. Muir's clothes, naturally, are black for mourning,  but that color flatters almost everyone. I also looked for blouses with high necklines and feminine details like lace at the collar, bodice or sleeves. Skirt hems were also quite long at this time, and living near the Atlantic also meant many were wool. The skirt above incorporates both of those elements. Over this ensemble why not try a plaid cape like the one Mrs. Muir wears so well? Add a (black) hat and some retro-inspired shoes for a look that brings the previous century into the current one, and is both at once windswept and put-together.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir Costumes

Whenever looking to the films for outfit inspiration, don't limit yourself to the ladies' costumes! For example, the house's previous owner was a seafaring captain. Why not try his outfit on for size? Slip into a fisherman's sweater (preferable in a dark or earthy color) and juxtapose the loose fit of the top with sleek cigarette pants. Add further menswear-inspired touches with a pair of oxfords, a cap, and an oversized blazer to stylishly emulate the Captain's look. A simple gold chain necklace adds just the right amount of feminine sophistication to keep the look feeling pulled together rather grubby. It is an outfit that's ready for anything- just like you!
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir outfit

Blazer, Sweater, Pants, Shoes, Hat, Necklace (Similar Here)


  1. I love how you took inspiration from the Captain's outfit as well! I've been longing to wear some more casual outfits like this lately, and what you've put together is perfect!

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    1. I have been really into casual outfits of late. Glad you liked this one Marisa.

  2. Love the outfits! I must see this movie :)

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  3. I love this new series you're doing with the fashion from the films. Really fun. I love the captain's outfit : )


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    1. Thanks Suzanne- it really means a lot that you like this series enough to let me know :)

  4. Really great idea for a post! I'm so into those hats :)!

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  5. Old movies are the best inspiration.

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