Month in Review: November 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

November was one of those months where I was still saying, "I don't know where October went!" until suddenly I was halfway through November and confused as to how I lost six weeks of time! Regardless of this though, there were still some pretty unforgetable things happening around Never Fully Dressed.

Unforgettable Outfits

glitter-shirt, scarf, red-pencil-skirt, plaid, yellow-cardi,wyoming, outdoors, never-fully-dressed-without-a-style,

Unforgettable Mail

I shared tips on How to Write a Holiday Letter, and, speaking of the holidays, if you're looking for a special present or two this season, why not take a look at these Subscription Packages for Women? For other things you can get in the mail, here's the third edition of Unusual Mail too.

Unforgettable Movies

Sultry Mae West slinked her way to fame in She Done Him Wrong and the sweet duo of Jimmy Stewart and Margret Sullivan fell in love in The Shop Around the Corner. Meanwhile we took style cues from two period films with The Ghost and Mrs. Muir as well as Bonnie and Clyde. 
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir outfit, outfit, movie, cinema-style, november,2013

Unforgettable Plans

Much of this month was tangled up with the passing of my grandmother, whom I helped care for; her funeral; and then with catching up on all we had put on back-burners when dealing with that. Then later this month, I got a new job (I had been substitute teaching previous to this) at an elementary. So still won't be saying a whole lot about work for children's privacy, but I'm looking forward to getting to know this bunch of great kids. Like so many others, we also got to enjoy many friends and relatives visiting over the holiday and lots of yummy food.

Just because life was going full-throttle, doesn't mean Never Fully Dressed wasn't up to fun new things too though! We caught up with several bloggers to get their secrets on how to organize our closets. Things got a little sentimental with this month's Dog Eared Page, but who wouldn't tear up- just a little- with The Velveteen Rabbit? And now that the holiday season's officially begun, here is a Gift Guide for Men and a list of shops that give back to help you with all your present-buying needs.

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Unforgettable Finds

A fascinating new series about sustainable fashion from the blog Windward Wearables

Ke$ha + The Little Mermaid = Awesome

After reading Lean In, this article seemed especially pertinent

Which Feminist shirt is your favorite?

An app to make Pinterest even more addicting

Telephone Boxes become Libraries

What are we looking for (when we're looking at our phones)?

Tippi of Africa

Why do you comment on blogs? 

This skirt looks like a picture book you can wear.

Famous Women as Disney Princesses

Not sure this is true for every blog, but it is for mine!

Elana rocks the Polka Dot and I'm digging this golden look from It's Not Her, It's Me.

These photos show the art in the everyday object

Agree or disagree: "I Like Myself More Online and I Think Everyone Else Does Too"


  1. I always love your recap posts. There's so much to discover! I missed your post on how to write a holiday letter, so I am definitely going to check it out after finishing my comment.

    Congratulations on your new job too! I think I missed that news too, gosh, I have been a terrible blog-reader these past few weeks. I am looking forward to catch up with everything that happened here in November! xo

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    1. Thanks Nikki!

      Hope you enjoy the post about the Holiday Letter. I gotta get started on that!

  2. Love your recap posts... I've been a little MIA as of late, so it's such a great way to get caught up. Congrats on the new job!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

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    1. I've been a bit MIA too. Thank you btw.

  3. Love the telephone box libraries!

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  4. Nat King Cole's Unforgettable is unforgettable:)

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  5. such a sweet post... <3 I hope you really enjoy your new job :)!
    I like that outfit you've put together too !

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  6. Neat links!
    Feminist bags: I'd vote for "Girls just want to have fun-ad mental rights" with a secret fondness for "Ask me about my radical feminist agenda!"
    Also, here is a comic strip.

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