Gift Guide: For Men 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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1. The Monocle Guide to Better Living | 2. iPhone Gramophone | 3.Dog Doorstop | 4. Cedar Soap| 5. Sweater | 6. Survival Kit | 7. Valet

1. The Monocle Guide to Better Living If you're not familiar with the magazine The Monocle, you probably ought to be-  it is aimed at those interested in International affairs, culture and travel. Though either gender can enjoy both the magazine and this book, this Guide to Better Living will be an interesting read to enrich a man's life.

2. iPhone Gramophone- based on designs from the early nineteen hundreds, this gramophone requires no electricity or other power to work. Simply set an iPhone or iPod in it and the natural resonance the wood and horn create will amplify the sound. Eco-friendly and very stylish too!

3.Dog Doorstop- So almost every man I know either owns or at least loves a Wired Hair Fox Terrier Dog. This doorstop is perfect though, even if your man has never set eyes on one. Heavy, well made and full of personality, this is sure to look good in any office, den or home.

4. Cedar Soap- Soap might seem a bit tame for a gift, but wether it is soap on a rope or something from Bath and bodyworks, women love getting bathing supplies. Men are just the same. This soap boasts a clean, "manly" scent and is sure to be of use.

5. Sweater- A Sweater in winter is sure to be a no-brainer and this one from Landsend is classic and should last years. Plus, no matter his style this is sure to fit in with a basic pattern and color.

6. Survival Kit- My father-in-law loves to escape to solitude in the wilderness every so often. if you know someone who's the same, why not get them this handy survival kit. It has everything you need in case something goes wrong in the woods (and, heck, is fun to tinker with even for when everything is going just dandy!)

7. Valet- The Boy teases me about how "man pockets" hold everything. I don't know about everything, but men seem to have their whole life stored away in those pockets. This handy valet gives him somewhere to empty those pockets at the end of the day. No more searching for those lost odds and ends that got misplaced the night before!


  1. I love this whole list! My boyfriend would definitely loove some of this stuff :) Thanks for sharing!


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  2. Love these items! Great choices<3

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  3. I love that you shared a gift guide for men! I've noticed that guys are truly neglected during the holiday season. Sometimes it's hard to pick out something for my boyfriend just because guys are constantly left out of gift guides and ideas!

    Xo, Hannah

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    1. Men are neglected. Which is too bad because in general, I find them hard to shop for. This was my way of generating ideas for my own gift giving!


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