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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One of my favorite things to get in the mail is a package, and there's none better to get it from than Popbasic, an innovate company that aims to help women build there wardrobe one basic at a time. Previously, Popbasic only sold their "micro-collections" of three items, which changed monthly. Starting this May though, some individual items will be available for purchase- and by May, I mean today! You'll be able to purchase their Le Breton- a classic striped shirt. To celebrate, I caught up with Popbasic Co-founder and CEO, Madeline Veneestra, to talk a bit about their new permanent collection. 
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Was having a permanent line always in your and Coen's plans for Popbasic? If not, what brought about this possibility?

 It wasn’t always part of our plans, however we quickly realised that so many people had missed out on key pieces and it made sense to bring those back as permanent items. Trend items can come and go, but basics are always needed.

 What has been your favorite thing about starting a permanent collection? 

Dreaming up all of the different colorways we’re going to introduce! It’s been so difficult to hold myself back and remember to keep the basics, well basic. Though we have a few exciting ideas up our sleeves for our pop pieces.

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Are there any different challenges you foresee- or have already experienced- that differ from what your company does with their monthly micro-collections? 

My problem will be in deciding which pieces to release into the store first! Though we’ve tried to do this in chronological order.

Will having the permanent collection change anything in how your monthly boxes of micro-collections are run?

Not at all. There will be a more permanent schedule going forward, with permanent pieces coming out towards the start of the month, and micro collections available mid month.
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How permanent is permanent? Will the items in your line be there for the foreseeable future or once they are out of stock, will ladies be out of luck? 

The items will always be part of the permanent range, however as we introduce them they will only be available for pre-order for 7 days. Once those have shipped, we’ll continue to restock the items. Though as always, we can’t determine demand perfectly, so we may sell out from time to time!

 Those who follow along on Facebook might already be aware, but you have plans for expanding your permanent line! Can you tell us a little what that will look like over the next year? 

We have lots of fun things in store for our Popbasic community! First up, our Le Breton will be back in our original navy stripe. We’re also introducing it in a fun red stripe for June. Next off the bat, are our Basic Tees in original Grey and Ink. Something that I know a lot of gals having been waiting for, are our Leather Clutches. We’re bringing back our original colour, Latte, as well as Ink, Peach, and Cobalt blue. Last but certainly not least, our Silk Blouses will be back in a few basics, and some very fun pop prints.
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Your Gwyn Collar Necklace, originally from one of your earliest boxes, made a reappearance in April's Ashbury collection since it was so popular. Will other pieces from past micro-collections be likely to pop-up in future boxes, or are they more likely to make their way to your permeant collection now? 

Accessories are more likely to make an appearance in future micro collections, rather than our clothing items. Though fun takes on previous pieces might pop up. For example, we have a Le Breton Dress in a micro collection this year!

 Why a striped shirt- in the permeant collection or at all- and what is you favorite way to style it :)

 A striped shirt is the easiest way to look pulled together and feel comfortable at the same time. I certainly won’t argue with a French woman in regards to style. My favorite way to style our Le Breton is with my skinny jeans and ballet flats. For a dressier look, I like to wear it with my black high waisted flair skirt from J. Crew and my black knitted infinity scarf.
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Thanks Maddy for sharing these insights; congratulations with your permanent line!

In love with their clothing yet? If so, you can find their store here, and you can also follow along with their social media presence, with their facebook, twitter and blog.


  1. Nice post!
    Stripe is always on the trend!


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  2. Really cool concept. Great interview. (And nothing gets to me like a classic Breton top)! :-)

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    1. Exactly- and they go on sale today from Popbasic :D

  3. This was a great interview! Really excited to hear about all their plans :)

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  4. Cool indeed! Love the striped tops so much :)

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  5. I adore Maddy's energy and enthusiasm. You definitely get the sense that there's so many great ideas and products and not enough time to launch them all. It's very exciting!

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    1. Oh so many exciting things coming out from Popbasic, for sure!

  6. I checked their website again-- still waiting on a collection that feels like The One. Although Paloma is a cute name! It means "dove" in Spanish. (The word for popcorn is palomitas- little doves.)

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    1. I know, right? I have skipped quite a few boxes that didn't feel quite right too. That said, I'm usually pretty pleasantly surprised about pieces I wasn't sure about. I usually end up liking and using them- sometimes more than the items I had initially loved! The "permanent collection" items will be sold as single pieces, so that helps too. :)

      Also- that is the cutest name for popcorn ever. Way more poetic than "popcorn."


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