Stationery Wishlist: See You in the Movies!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Movie Stationary

1. Wooden Organizer | 2. Phone Case | 3. Leather Pencil Holder | 4. Hollywood Kisses Notecards | 5. USB Typewriter | 6. Ticket Washi Tape

1. Wooden Organizer - This wouldn't look out of place as set dressing on His Girl Friday, and would be just as useful as a Girl Friday when it comes to keeping your desk organized! 

 2. Phone Case - This case makes a sleek statement with a design wallpapered with caricatures of the greatest stars of Hollywood's Golden Age.

3. Leather Pencil Holder - Understated, but has class. That would describe so many old films, but also describes this pencil holder. 

 4. Hollywood Kisses Notecards- They may be black and white, and they may be iconic, but that don't mean, these Hollywood Kiss Notecards aren't a touch steamy too! (Oh, Clark Gable, be still my heart!)

 5. USB Typewriter - Not a luddite but in love with the aesthetics present in old films? Then this might be for you. 

6. Ticket Washi Tape- Use to be you could get into the movies for a nickel. Nowadays, you can decorate with'em for only a little more when using this tape! 


  1. These are always my most favorite posts from you- it always boggles my mind how you find the most interesting pieces. That washi tape is SO fun, and I kinda want those note cards, if only to live vicariously through the leading ladies ;)

    I clearly haven't been on a date in awhile, haha!

    xo marlen
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