Cinema Style: Singing in the Rain

Monday, January 25, 2016

Raincoat, Rain Boots, Umbrella

Singing in the Rain is one of the most iconic films of cinema history, so why not steal some of that style for yourself. Gene Kelly, and Debbie Reynolds knew you can't go wrong with the classic yellow raincoat. This one from Joules keeps you from feeling too kiddy. Pair it with a primary red for maximum effect by adding the rain boots and umbrella for effect. Add these to any old outfit and you too will be ready to be singing in the rain. 

Dress, Sweater, Pearls, Shoes, Bag

For the uninitiated, Singing in the Rain was filmed in the 40s, but takes place twenty years earlier in the twenties. Today's fashion trends mostly remember the  Twenties' beaded flappers, but if you want a more casual look, you can do subtle nods to that roaring decade. Dropped waists were deriguer then, and that can be seen in the film. This dress has that look, but it can be further accentuated by  adding a long sweater over it. I chose this sweater to add a more modern touch, but it ties into Reynolds' outfit with the lightening shape (and beckons back to the films name- cheeky!) Vintage inspired shoes, a classic Coach purse and pearls finish the look off. With this fun mix of modern and retro, you could spend the rainy day snug in some coffee house or be ready to break out tap-dancing at any minute! 


  1. Ah! This one of my favorite types of posts from you. It gives you a little bit of history and a little bit of fashion. That red and clear bubble umbrella is so cute--I've got one just like it but it's all clear, and the touch of red makes it so much more unique...

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    1. Thank you, Ali!

      Oh, I like the all clear ones too... it doesn't rain here much, so we don't have an umbrella. We go places that rain and then need one always end up with a black one that gets lost on the trip home anyway... :/

  2. Such a classic film! So many good songs! Love the yellow raincoat :)

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