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Friday, January 15, 2016

Wantable has been mentioned on several other subscription box round ups, as they offer a multitude of services, including boxes of accessories, and intimates. Recently, they also added both fitness wear and a clothing style box option. Their clothing box option, called a "Style Edit" essentially functions just like Stitchfix and other clothing subscription boxes- except that they send only clothing with this box, no accessories (since, obviously, they have entire other boxes for that). Once you sign up, you must fill out a style questionnaire.  One of the things I noticed about the questionnaire was that it was very visual, with almost all questions accompanied by a picture. You specify sizes and then share if you dislike, like or love different options. Make sure to be specific. They will only send you things you have "liked" or "loved," but if you fly through without disliking anything, it makes it hard to decipher your style. One other thing I noticed about this style questionnaire, was that it asked a lot about preferences for types of fabric, especially for synthetics, leather, faux leather, fur, and  faux fur, etc.   Once you have filled everything out, a box will be curated for you and your preferences. In a box, you get 5 items, and will have 5 days to decide if you want to keep the items. You return what you do not want. You only pay for what you keep. Like with Stictchfix, Wantable's Style Edit you are charged a twenty dollar styling fee that is nonrefundable. However, if you keep anything, the twenty dollars is applied towards your final purchase. If you keep all items, you get 25% off entire purchase. Lastly, it is important to notice that this is  a monthly subscription, but you can take a month off as needed.

Dress of the Month Club
If you love a more vintage aesthetic, then this subscription may be for you! Each month, Unique Vintage, one of the largest sellers of reproduction," vintage-style" clothing, will send members one vintage-inspired dress. It is fifty dollars a month, meaning you will generally be getting a discount as the majority of their goods sell for more than that, and all you have to do is indicate your size. You will want to check the sizing guide, as not doing so has resulted in unfavorable results for past clientele, but even if you don't love your dress that month, you can return it with free shipping. You then can put your credit towards the next month's dress. This is one subscription where you don't get much of a say in the type of clothes that you are sent, beyond size and a general guarantee that it is vintage inspired, but variety is the spice of life. If you like past decades' styles at all, this club should be a big hit.

Portabollo Style
This is not strictly speaking a clothing subscription, but this has to be one of the most unique subscription boxes to add a stylish flare to your closet.  By subscribing, you are getting 3 completely unique vintage items that are all sourced from the famous Portobello Road in London, and its stores and market. It is 35 pounds a month to subscribe for those in the UK, and 48 pounds (so... whatever the exchange rate makes that month to month), and you get 1-3 items whose total value will equal that which you paid for it. So, it might be three items of all equal value or one more expensive item. You can be sent purses, scarves, or jewelry which are curated by their stylists.  Obviously, no box will be alike and you can't guarantee everything will be something you, personally, love, but if you like vintage or special items, this seems like an amazing way to get those sorts of pieces!

Bungalow Clothing
Like Stitchfix and other, similar subscriptions, Bungalow Clothing brings you pieces picked for you by a stylist. When you sign up, you fill out a style questionnaire, including your likes, dislikes and sizes. Items are chosen from high end retail brands that match you needs. You are sent a box of five items and may return any items you do not like. Both shipping and returns are free. You are only charged for what you keep and, unlike many clothing subscription companies, you are not charged a styling fee. Beyond a few promo photos, there are not a ton of photos of the kind of clothes they like to send, but presumably each costumer's needs would be different anyway. If you are looking for a chance from Stitchfix or even just want to try a clothing subscription but don't want to waste month on a styling fee, this might be the place to try it!

Gwynnie Bee
This company offers a similar service to that of Le Tote (which I've reviewed before here and here), but its services are aimed specifically at women who wear size 10 or higher. This subscription service charges a monthly membership fee. Once you are a member, you are able to rent out clothes. There are different plans which allow you to have out a certain number of items at a time. Within one month, you can rent out and send back clothes as many times as you wish. Membership plan fees are based on the number of items you can have "out" at a time. Plans range from $35 a month being able to rent one item out at a time to $159 a month in exchange for being able to have 10 items out at a time.  Shipping is free, you don't need to worry about laundering items you rent and you can keep an item as long as you want. You can even purchase an item you fall in love with (and you buy it at a discounted price!). Their selection, stylistically, seems to be more varied than Le Tote, and they have a wide range of sizes from an US 10 on up.

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  1. Ooooh, this is kind of scary when you're unable to narrow down your article of clothing/accessory, but that vintage dress styled one seems so, so neat.

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  2. Dress of the Month Club sounds fabulous! I probably wouldn't spend that much on a subscription every month, but once in a while, it would be a nice treat :)

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