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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Who doesn't love a subscription box- it is like a care package just for you, only instead of Mom sending you stuff while away at summer camp, it is professional companies sending seriously cool swag. You can see some of the best there is on offer with this list and this list of subscription box services. And while  there ARE some companies on my previous lists that cater towards men (most notably the unbelievable cool Bespoke Post's Box of Awesome, as well as those like Quarterly Co. which will please any gender), it can sometimes seem that men get left out of the subscription service fun. So here is a list to help you send some mail love to your male love, with a list of Subscription Boxes for Men:

This subscription service sends out quarterly (seasonal) boxes with cool gear and accessories for men. At sixty dollars a box, this can seem pricey, but you get multiple items (this season's box has four items) and all look quite top quality, made well and from the best materials. Beware though- they can run out and you might end up on a waiting list, so if this sounds like something your man might want, get on it!

For a more "manly" pantry, you can get this box for $75. For that price, you will get 5-6 full sized packages of different, artisan food items. Boxes come every month. Each box seems to be "themed," and also comes with easy to follow recipes and a whole lot of personality!  Gonna be honest- man or woman, I'm not sure it matters. This is mouth-wateringly yummy looking! Plus, it supports small, local, American businesses.

And if you're from the UK or other European countries get on the list to hear updates about the soon-to-be Mantry UK! 

This box is perfect for professional men- especially if they do not like shopping. For $150, you will receive three men's dress shirts per box. The first box always starts subscribers off with the "classics," and you will  receive a white, blue and striped shirt. Your other boxes will consist of different shirts, depending on the month's short-run styles, but, according to the business   most often will have two classic patterns and a "trending" one. Subscribers can choose to get one box every 3, 4 or six months. Men can pick whether to have a slim fit, an  athletic  fit or a classic fit of shirt, and can choose sizes based on a sizing chart, which is provided for all three shirt styles. Shirts can also be returned in order to get a better fit, should the need arise. According to the company founders, their shirts are designer quality; Hall & Madden chose to find the same fabric sources as many designers to make their shirts out of. However, they claim to be able to sell them at a much lower cost, for a  variety  of reasons including smaller runs, and going directly to wholesalers. The quality  certainly  seems fantastic, and the price is not bad. They do seem to make most of their shirts in China though, where the founders both previously worked in the  business  sector; this might make a difference to some shoppers. 

This subscription box helps men get style with minimum effort on their part! You sign up for monthly boxes, and take a survey, mostly about your size, body type and what brands you like. Then, a personal stylist will pick out items just for you; and for any tech-lovers out there get this- when picking out items they also use  an algorithm that factors in not only your survey, but also  a man's social media to get a more  holistic  look at that man's style! After the items have been picked,  subscribers  get an email to preview what was picked! If they don't like what  they  see, they just need to shoot back an email within two days (you can either ask for a different pick essentially swapping out items or you can skip that month's box altogether);  if it all looks good they don't need to do anything at all and the items are sent to them. After the box arrives at your doorstep, you have ten days to try stuff on and decide whether you like it. If you don't, or something  doesn't  fit, Bombfell provides a free return bag. You are only charged for the items you keep, so the price point is  variable. There is no charge for getting a box; only for the products you keep.   Most items are at least $69; some are more. The company uses popular brands so expect fits similar to what you get in stores. 

Sign up, fill out a "groom style survey" and let this company find the perfect grooming products for your hair, skin and shaving needs. Each quarter, this box will send 3-5 samples of  products  they think will work best for you. If you like a product, you can buy a full sized version on their web site and even sign up for "auto replenish" and the company will send you  that same product every month or two  months  to replenish your stock of it. At only $17.95, this box is a fun way to find the perfect goods for male grooming needs. 

This affordable subscription box will provide the  recipient   with  a little bit of everything- grooming product samples, neat apps, games or tools; energy drinks; snacks; even gift cards! Based on what items have been sent out in previous boxes, much of it looks geared towards more active men, especially those who like to camp, work out or play sports; however, I think any man would enjoy this box.  Certainly  anyone will enjoy the prices. For a single month is it only $14.95, for three months (and three boxes) it is $39, and for six months of boxes it is $72. It should also be noted that though you only get product sample sizes/individual snack sizes, quite often you get more than one sample of each item. 


  1. this is a great list! my brother's birthday is this Sunday, and I've been frantically searching for something to get him so I really enjoyed browsing this list. Another one to look into is the Dollar Shave Club. The youtube commercial is the funniest!

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  2. OMG I just bookmarked this post. I am SO signing up for at least one of these for my boyfriend. Mantry sounds awesome hahaha. Thank you so much for posting this!! :)


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