Nursery Tour: A Journey to the Moon

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Oh, that nesting instinct they talk about pregnant mothers getting- it is real. So very real. In my case, most of that instinct was funneled into house cleaning- and into this room. You can read a bit about the process and inspiration for the room in this post. But read on to see the final product!

As you can see, we went with a theme, "A Journey to the Moon." There's a lot of blues and greys in the room. Not entirely intentional (or, rather, not just because it is a boy), but a lovely effect, over all. As you enter the room, the first thing to catch your eye is a series of shelves! How cute are these?! They are from the Land of Nod, though we painted the back clouds grey. Down lower is a bar of books. As of right now, the little guy is more interested in lunch than reading, but we wanted all the books accessible for a growing toddler. On display right now are the spaciest of our reading material. The little rocket was one of the first things we bought; The Boy (who might need a new monkier now!) picked it out for his little boy. Inside it an alien. On the floor is an heirloom, a toy cradle my own grandfather made for me, filled with all our new stuffed friends. Amazingly, the dogs leave them alone (for now!)

The blue dresser, along with our blue crib, come from Target. The color reminded me of the bed my sister and I slept in as a children, so nostalgia strikes again! The dresser doubles as our changing station. Above are prints made from the original negatives from the Moon Landing. My father found them among his things and gave them to us. Never too soon to encourage them to Dream Big, right? Hidden by the dresser are the practical things, like a trash can and diaper genie. It can't all be cuteness and baby cheeks, can it?
The left-hand side of the room is for the rocker and crib. But perhaps what catches the eye first is Old Man Moon hanging out at the window. This was my one handmade contribution to the nursery. I can't knit and don't have a sewing machine, but after seeing something similar on Pinterest (where all over-ambitious ideas come from), well, this is the result. It is made of chicken wire and papier-mâché. I love the moon (Humor me and just agree that the bumps and imperfection just look like craters and give him character, okay?)

Our other wall hanging is a photo by my father (more of his artwork can be found for sale here). There's a moon stained glass window in the photo and man with a top hat. A bit more subtle and grown up, perhaps, but I love having some of my father's original work in his grandson's room. Adding a more playful element are the crib sheets and quilt. All the planets are labelled on the quilt, including Pluto, who also has the notation stitched by him "Not a Planet, but Still Our Friend." 
The rocker was our Christmas present (yes, yes, I realized I'd really become an "adult." Not because I'm a mom now but because I was excited about getting furniture for Christmas). Its from Target and, though it is early days in its usage, seems to fit our needs perfectly. It is a good height both for me at 5' 4" and my nearly-a-foot-taller husband. The back support is great. The other items are mostly repurposed from other rooms. 

The closet right now is mostly for storing the clothes that will be grown into and any books, but there's plenty of room for a growing boy's needs. Soon enough, I'm sure, it will transform into some black hole from whence Legos go into and are never seen again, necessitating a constant stream of new ones purchased or some such. But for now, most of the toys, books, bits and bobs are mostly on  display as we enjoy these precious newborn days. 

Shopping: Glider Chair | Crib | Dresser | Changing Table Accessory | Star Night Light | Robot Doll |  Changing Pad Cover | Crib Sheets | Quilt | Cloud Shelves | Bar Shelf |  Rug| 

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  1. Love the theme! The nursery is darling, and that solar system quilt is amazing :)

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