What I Wore: Summer 10x10 Style Challenge part 3

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here are the last four outfits from the 10x10 Style challenge ( If you're not sure what I'm talking about, catch up. You can find previous posts on the 10x10 style challenge here.)  The last few days of this challenge can often be about making items work together, but I'm happy to say that these all came together pretty effortlessly.

Day Seven

So.... I'm wearing my "comfy glasses," the ones that are too big for my face, but oh, well, because they are so comfy. Gives it all a bit of an eighties vibe. At first that was the only reason, I thought, but looking at some old family photos later that day, realized that my mom totally would have rocked a shirt like this back when she was taking care of my baby-self. And here I am now, a mama taking care of our first baby. #Irony

Day Eight

I actually wore this outfit during our trip to New York (over two years ago now! How can it be so long ago), but it was so darn hot that day, I melted, and we never took proper outfit photos of it. Glad to be sharing it now, as it is a favorite combination.

Day Nine

I love this outfit. That is all.

Actually, that is not all. Happy to report that, despite my reservation and an almost-six-month-old, all that white did not spell disaster.

Day Ten

Imma be real honest... I like this look, and have even worn it before, but wasn't feeling it that much on the day of. Just wasn't sure if it matched the mood of the day. Any of you emotional dressers too? I'm getting ready to read Feel Good; Dress Better by Nicole of the Writes Like a Girl blog, and am so interested to find out more on her thoughts of dressing to feel good.


  1. I love both look with the J'ADORE shirt - but I totally feel you on sometimes just not loving the way something feels on you, even if it's one of your favorite outfits on other days. So weird!

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  2. I love that you have comfy glasses!

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