What I Wore: Summer 10x10 Style Challenge part 2

Monday, July 17, 2017

 Here we are mid-challenge! How are you all feeling? Honestly, I'm still really enjoying things, so let's dive right on in. You can catch up on the Summer Style 10x10 challenge here, but think of it as a remix all in one week  (Hey, remember when bloggers often showed their clothes "remixed?" Anyone else miss that? I loved seeing my favorite bloggers showing how they used the same items in differen ways.)  

Day Four

This is probably my most basic look of the ten days.This day and all the days of the challenge are pretty similar in that it's hotter than Hades and I'm at home watching my baby. Outfit-wise,  I liked the way the shoes echoed the shirt's black-and-white-graphic-words aesthetic.  I'm a little sad you can't see the shoes better actually. They never fail to bring a smile to my face. The red belt was my grandmothers once upon a time. 

Day Five

Halfway through, and I still hadn't even worn all 10 of my items! Depending on the blogger you ask, the beauty-or failure-of a dress is that it is so simple. One thing to throw on and you're done! I kept this dress as simple as simple can be, because it was sooooo hot out. However, I did get a little styling in with the knot and braided hair. To be fair, I mostly knotted the bottom to keep the skirt up when I needed to clean or something......

Day Seven

Walking out of the dressing room with these shorts for the first time, I felt like Katherine Hepburn (especially in her film Pat and Mike with her tennis outfits!) However, on reflection, I bet this is really only 1940s by way of the 80s. Fashion is very cyclical and, in the 1980s some designs were obviously inspired by 40 years prior. And here we are, almost 40 years later, being inspired by another bygone era.  Can't decide if it is supercool or just weird that I am wearing clothes like my mom wore when I was a baby. Anyway, I like the shorts, even if they A) wrinkle something fierce and b) don't photograph all that well.

The boxy shirt and high waisted shorts mean nothing looks very cinched in. It's a different silhouette for me than I'm used to, but I've been digging it this summer. The open back of the shirt keeps me cool and a little bit sexy too.

Wednesday I'll share my last four looks, and I'll also be sharing some of my big take-aways this challenge has taught me. If you're doing the Summer 10x10 challenge, link me to your instagram or blog in the comments. I wanna see! 

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