15 Things to Put in a Care Package (14th Edition)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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  1. Mini etch-a-sketch
  2. modelling clay
  3. foxtail ball
  4. magnetic poetry
  5. Where’s Waldo-like images
  6. Handmade rug
  7. Hangers
  8. Minute Mystery (Hint: You can see some 5 minute mysteries here )
  9. Glow Sticks
  10. Confetti Egg
  11. sandals  
  12. Rabbit’s foot (or other lucky charms!)
  13. individual cereal packets
  14. Letter Opener
  15. massage oil (bonus: put it in a box with instructions for the recipient to open it with their significant other)

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  1. This is a fun list! I used to add in things like handmade story cards and music playlists. :)

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  2. How cute!! Whenever I send care packages it has a lot to do with food hehe!!


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  3. Great list, love the idea of putting a rabbit foot:)

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  4. lucky charms (not the cereal) is a great idea!

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  5. those are so cute!


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