Guest Post: Elana of Room 334

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let the countdown begin! It is a mere FIVE days before we get married! But don't worry; while I am getting hitched and then enjoying a honeymoon, Never Fully Dressed will still be going strong with lots of great new content. Some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content.

First up, is the delightful Elana from Room 334. She's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, is calm, capable, and has a great eye for unique fashion finds! Her style reflects that sweetness; her smile will brighten your day. In keeping with June and Weddings, she's sharing what to wear to wedding.  Thanks for sharing a post with us, Elana!

(Dress, belt, clutch, ring: vintage; Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshall's)

Hello there! I'm Elana from Room 334 and I'm incredibly delighted to guest posting for Kristian while she's getting married. Can you just imagine how adorable her wedding is going to be and how stunning she's going to look? I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'm literally on the edge of my seat (okay, figuratively), waiting to see photos from her special day. 

Since I can't be there in person, I thought it would be fun to do a post about what I would wear if I was lucky enough to attend Kristian's wedding. Well, that and I wanted an excuse to dress up. And since it's Kristian, of course that meant that a pretty vintage vintage dress was in order. I bought this dress well over a year ago, intending to sell it on Etsy, but I couldn't bear to give it up and ended up forgetting about it when I went back to school out-of-state. The moment Kristian and I talked about this post, I realized that this is the exact dress I would wear to her wedding. It's modest, has the prettiest colors, and is lightweight enough for a June wedding. 

Since the dress is such a standout piece, I went with muted colors for the rest. Some nude pumps and a little taupe clutch are wedding essentials for me, and I was happy to see how well they complemented the dress. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my wedding outfit of choice! Feel free to stop by my blog if you'd like to see an abundance of collars or if you'd just like to say hi! And thank you so much to Kristian for having me while she's off being a gorgeous bride!


  1. What a fab find, Elana! Fits you like a glove!

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  2. Ahh I'm so excited for your wedding Kristian!
    And Elana, girl, u lookin fiiiine.


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  3. Such a wonderful choice for wedding attire, this dress is stunning. I love the shade of green, and you nailed it with the subtle accessories
    Congrats to you Kristian!! So exciting :)

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  4. This is perfect and understated for a wedding. And classy. I think class is really missing from most wedding guests and you nailed it!

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  5. This dress is vintage? It looks absolutely amazing! You look so darling Elana ^^ x

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  6. I love this dress. What a find!


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  7. Oh Elana, this dress is so beautiful! It's absolutely perfect for a wedding! The fit is perfect on you, and I love the belt with it. I think the neutral accessories are lovely with it. :)

    xox Sammi

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  8. Elana, you look so gorgeous! I absolutely love that dress - I'm so glad you didn't give it up (but, if you ever do, you should totally send it my way. :P )

    Kristian, can't wait to see your wedding pics! Enjoy this time, hon!


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  9. this entire outfit is perfect! i love a bright and colorful shoe but nothing makes a beautiful dress pop like a great pair of neutral heels! ahhhh, so good! the little belt is just the cherry on top!

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  10. This dress is gorgeous Elana! Totally perfect for a wedding. Love the little pops of gold!

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