Stationery Wishlist: New York, New York (It's a Helluva Town!)

Friday, July 24, 2015


1. New York Journals | 2. Chrysler Building Bookmark | 3. King Kong Bookend | 4. Manhattan Art Print | 5. New York Card | 6. New York Public Library Lion Paper Weight | 7. New Yorker Postcards | 8. New York Public Library Pencils

1. New York Journals- These notebooks keep the glitz and glamour of New York alive. 
 2. Chrysler Building Bookmark- In the play Annie, the orphanage's cranky keeper always insists they need to clean until "these floors shine like the top of Chrysler Building." Having not seen the Chrysler Building, I can see why that was a tall order! 

 3. King Kong Bookend- One of New York's tallest residents took an iconic trip up the Empire State. Just hope your trip doesn't have the same amount of screaming that his did. If it might be awhile before you climb to the top of that tall tower, have this bookend to tide you over. 

4. Manhattan Art Print- Done in the fun 1950s style reminiscent of the children's classic This is New York. 

 5. New York Card - Skyscrapers, yellow taxis and charm. Everything New York in one image. Use this card to say hi to the people back home! 

6. New York Public Library Lion Paper Weight- Two lions guard one of the largest library's in the world, and now a (smaller) one can guard your desk! 

 7. New Yorker Postcards - The New Yorker is known for its iconic covers. I picked up several of these to send to people while we were traveling. 

8. New York Public Library Pencils- These pencils are colorful, cheerful and even have a great quote about books and learning- two of everyone's favorite things, right?


  1. I think the Chrysler building is one of the prettiest buildings. I really like the Manhattan print.

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    1. Agreed- it is a gorgeous building.

  2. Love the NYC theme, and the lion paper weight is so cool :)

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  3. Loving all of these NYC themed finds, especially the 50's inspired artwork. Hope you had a great time in NYC! :)

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